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Hey guys! 

Who has watched the premiere? 

It’s been a few days so I will be sharing spoilers. 

So the last season ended with Rick shooting that jerk who was beating his wife. Of course the jerk had killed the “mayors” husband first. Of course the final moment is with Rick’s long lost “friend” showing up. 

Holy crap! They are at some quarry with a horde of zombies. 

If ever a scene looked like a level out of left 4 dead survival mode. Except they aren’t waiting on a helicopter to arrive. 

“You were wrong.”Strong words, but not how you would usually hear them. She said it more sad than angry. 

So this episode was a present/throwback. The timeframe seemed pretty short. Maybe a month at most. 

Carol is still being the “happy homemaker” persona. Based on Rick and her conversation I guess her role is spy. It is written well. Being in this disguise(if you will) she is not threatening. So when she said it’s terrifying but good most people would be like yeah it is terrifying, but what person is going to say well let’s let the older housewife take care of it. No they are gonna be like well if she thinks it’s a good idea than ok. She softens Ricks message. 

It is kind of the groups fault if they don’t see beneath the façade. Morgan sees it, and he had been with them less than the Alexandrians.


Mrs. Mayor I don’t know if she has decided to fall in line because it she had her husband would still be here or if she has fallen in line because she is too distraught to lead. Sadly there way only kind of worked as we find out in this episode. 

I have some questions. 

Would the town have still been there if it wasn’t for this quarry? 

They weren’t prepared so if a walker had gotten in would there just have been mass hysteria and death. 


Maybe the flip side. I’d there had been the constant threat of zombies getting in would they be better prepared? 

Would they be more rigid and not have let the group in?  

Look at Rick because of everything he has been through he wants to halt looking for people. 

I understand why the group may want to continue. If Alexandria hadn’t of been looking they wouldn’t be “safe” right now 

Then again I get Rick’s side. 

It seems to be putting people in unnecessary danger. People can be dangerous(governor) and zombie can be dangerous(hi guy who got bit in this episode). 

I was laying in bed yesterday thinking about how much the original people have changed. 

Rick has mainly become more authoritative. But I feel it was a part of him all along. He was never weak. Of course he had weak moments be from the get go he was the leader. 

I have thought before maybe it was a toss up between Carol and Daryl. 

But after this episode I would say it’s Carol hands down. 

My reason for saying this…

At the beginning of the episode we see Rick tell Daryl about him wanting to cease looking for people. Daryl passively shakes his head. That fits in with what it was probably like before the world went to hell. 

He was beat down by his dad and then over run by his brother. He was basically taught to shut up, listen, and do as I say. 

He is Rick’s second in command or maybe top 5. Not sure because of Michonne and Carol. 

But he seems to be second. Why doesn’t he speak? Until Rick says you don’t agree? I don’t know. 

Maybe I am reading too much into this. Maybe it’s not that maybe it’s just a way for the writers to have him i while they slowly pull him off the show. 
So they came close to completing their mission. 

What the fu** is that horn? Who do you think is doing it? 

I think it’s that jerk guys kid. You know the boy who snuck out of the community before. 

Makes sense in the angry hormonal teenager way. 

Anyways, I am glad it’s back and I can’t wait for Sunday. 
What did you think? 


Scream queens

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Hey how’s it going? 

Well I was finally able to finish the first 2 episodes and watched the third one as well so I’m all caught up and ready to share what I thought. 


Spoilers….. Probably 


First of all does Ryan Murphy sleep?  His, as far as I know, first show Glee just ended last fall, he has American Horror story on its 4th or 5th season and now this show.  For 2 seasons there he was making weekly appearances on I can’t remember the name but basically “so you want to be on glee”. (Apparently I watched his first series. “Popular” I feel there’s a theme with his shows like this)

Last week was a 90 minute premiere(episodes 1 &2). I suppose a decent amount happened. There were what 2 deaths? You had the maid who kind of died on accident. But considering Chanel told them her plan to prank them right before she said maybe I should just do it (angrily might I add). Maybe she did mean to… 

Of course this whole show is a who dun it? Just when you think you know they either make you think it’s not them or make you think it someone else. 

For instance in the third episode the security woman confronts Zayday about her suspicions. Heck the girl has the exact same chainsaw the killers use. Who wouldn’t suspect her? 

Also, I know they supposedly Tased the wrong guy but is that really a reason to take away their protection? He was in the same costume the serial killer wears and was coming towards her. Im pretty sure there isn’t a person around who wouldn’t ,possibly prematurely, defend themselves with whatever they had. 

Heck for all we know this guy was one and knew he was made so he let go of the red devil persona and just went with the Joe Schmo he is. 

Isn’t that one of the usual storylines? Popular girl was mean so she needs to die. Or of course there is the other one we are also following unknown child born into a bad situation and grows up to take revenge on the girls( in this case house) that took his/her mom from him/her. 

I saw a picture last night on tv you know the one with what the critics had to say. I believe I saw a one of a kind show. 

From what I just read it’s basically the guess who game. Picking off someone every week until you figure out who the killer is. 

This is far from original. It’s pretty much ever serial killer movie in existence.

All that said I don’t hate it. Let’s face if mysteries are fun. It’s not clear cut so you have to watch every episode to find out who happened, so you can guess what will happen next. 

I love Jamie lee Curtis in her. She is a great actress and for the last several years has played a completely different from this character. 

It’s nice to see her in a “Halloween” style role again. However this is several years later and her acting has improved greatly. She is downright creepy in this show(at times).

Then we have her costar lead Emma Roberts. I have liked Emma for years. I know she was on some Nickelodeon show but I never watched it. I think I first watched her in Nancy Drew. That’s when Matt and I said we wanted to dress our daughter like her. That never happened though. She dresses more hippster. But I digress.

So Emma plays the head Chanel of kappa house. She is so unlikable. From not learning the other girls names to and going and chasing after I think his name is Chad all the time. But I suppose that’s just suppose to show us that she makes everything about her because she’s afraid that if it’s not then nothing will be about her. 

What did you guys think? 

Have a great day guys!