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Apple Event(Tech Thursday)

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Tech
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Hey guys how are you doing?

Do you ever have those days where you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Today is one of those days for me.

I am working on getting our site transferred over to

Anyways, before I start did you catch yesterdays event?

Here is a brief(ish) overview of what you may have missed.

First up is what Matt was anxious to hear about.

Apple “Watch”

  • New Band Colors
  • New Finishes (For Apple Watch) Gold and Rose Gold
  • WatchOS2: Available September 16
  • Will include 3rd Party integration, such as; Facebook messenger.

Also, they are partnering with Hermes, for a new high-end bands as well as a watch face. No word on price.

Iphone 6s Iphone6s Plus

This was not a surprise for most, considering Apples previous generations.

  • Rose Gold Iphone
  • 3d Touch
  • Peeking Feature
  • A9 chip- 70% Faster @Cpu, 90% faster @graphic tasks.
  • New Alluminum
  • Update: September 16
  • “Hey Siri”-Speak Prompt
  • Live Photos-“Gifs”
  • 12mp iSight Shooter-50% more pixels and faster auto focus
  • 4k videos

Apple will now allow you to upgrade your phone each year at their store. With monthly payments starting at $32/month.

Apple Pencil

Not too much to say about this other than, its a high-tech pointy stylus.


Ipad Pro

  • 12.9″ screen
  • 2732×2048 pixels (5.6Million Pixels)
  • A9X64 bit chip(1.8 x’s faster that previous generations)
  • 10 Hours Battery Life
  • 6.9mm thick
  • 1.5lbs
  • 8mp camera

Also, Apple Tv is getting Siri.

Well I should get going.

I hope you guys have a great day!!


hey guys!

Since yesterday I didn’t get to do web Wednesday, I will be doing it today.
Tbt starts with supposedly and unaired ghostbusters(toon) promo

Check it out!


Lethal dose of things.


Who is excited for the new Star Wars movie?

Do you also have plans to watch every episode?

“This is the droid your looking for”


Coffee coffee coffee

As someone who loves Starbucks and other coffee joints coffee I am thrilled to have learned how to make home Brew less bitter

Coffee Hacks


The Danish Girl trailer

Ok guys those are what interested me today. See yah later.

Have a good night.