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Chetoo 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch Band(Affiliate Link)

Review: I got this for Matthew he had been wanting Apple Watch bands without the apple watch band price.
He has had this for a several weeks now.

I don’t pay attention to often he wears these but he said…

It is seems well made, sturdy.
He likes the stainless steel.
It has a nice heft to it.

The connectors to make it compatible with the Apple watch were easy to put on.

The only downside is that it doesn’t look exactly like the apple one so you can’t pretend like it is.

I received this in exchange for an honest review.

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Amazon Product info: 

  • 100% fit with 42mm
  • Superb replacement for your Apple watch at reasonable price
  • Standard length fit men/women
  • Top quality material
  • Each strap were strictly controlled with its size and surface,to guarantee a best and comfortable wearing

Review: I have been using this for a few weeks and
overall it seems like a good cord.

I like the indicator light.
The cord part is more of a ribbon as seen in pic, rather than a normal
rounded cord.

I did have problems with it working with certain cases and not others.

Overall I would probably get this again.

I received this in exchange for an honest review

Amazon Product Info:

iPHONE CHARGER: Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cables are made of premium quality materials

  • LIGHT INDICATOR INCLUDED: Red Light ON when is charging and Blue Light ON when is done.

    COMPATIBLE With iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, iPod Nano 7, iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, iPad5, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina

    SIZE: 3Ft cable. White Color, environmentally friendly materials




I got this for my husband a while ago.
After giving it to him and hearing how good his sounded
I must say I was a bit jealous.

I also have one, and his sounds so much more clear than mine.
With mine you can tell its coming from a speaker.
With his it sounds as clear as if it is coming straight from his phone.

I will probably get me one of these when mine dies.

I received this in exchange for an honest review.


Amazon Product Info:

  • The wireless speakers outdoor & shower range is 33 feet,
  • high capacity battery that can provide up to 12 hours of endless music,
  • The Bluetooth speakers outdoor model can be recharged in just 3 hours with the included Micro USB cable!
  • READY FOR ANY TYPES OF CONDITIONS Our Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof level IPX5- Protected against low pressure water stream from any angle.
  • Not submersible, but should withstand accidental drop in water. Guarantees that it will stay safe in the shower, in the rain, by the pool or on a boat (Just make sure if water gets in the speaker, to let it dry out before use)! We build our water-resistant speaker extra tough to ensure that it can be safely carried anywhere life’s adventures take you!

 Review: I got these for Matthew. He wears them all the time with his day job. So naturally he goes through them relatively quickly.  With his first use he noticed two things. Firstly that they do an amazing job at blocking out sounds. Secondly that whenever he bent over it would start playing the music.

With that he hasn’t used it for work, but if he stay up watching a movie in bed and doesn’t want to disturb me these are perfect for it.

Amazon Product Info:

  • Eco-friendly earbuds with natural wood housing for a better bass response and unparalleled audio fidelity
  • Assorted (s,m,l) sized soft silicone tips provide an uber comfortable, noise isolating fit
  • Integrated microphone and one button remote easily control your music and calls from the earphones
  • Compatible with pretty much all smartphones, mp3 players, laptops and other audio devices
  • Includes lifetime customer service and unparalleled 3 year warranty. Dedicated FutureSoundLab website for warranty and support.


Review: I am not a wine drinker. It tastes gross to me.
I know why am I here. Well I got this for my husband who loves wine.
It was hard for me to believe but he loved it more after using this.

So of course I had to give it a try. Now as I said before I don’t drink wine.
I have sips of the wines my husbands drink. I suppose in the hope I will find one that
I actually like and can have a glass with him from time to time.

I want to say that the first one he used this with was called “Dark Horse’, it was his favorite before this, after he loves it even more.
This is one of the ones I had tried a taste of. If you have tried this particular one its name is true. It is an extremely dark and dry wine.
The initial tasting wasn’t the worst I have had but still not pleasant(for me).

After my husband used this it still wasn’t up to where I could drink it regularly but it tasted better than it had before.

If you like wine I recommend this..
My husband doesn’t drink wine without it now.

I would for sure get this again.

I received this in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product INfo:

  • ENHANCE FLAVORS – Create the Perfect Bouquet by Reducing the Unwanted Earthy, Alcohol & Harsh Tannin Flavors.
  • ELIMINATE HEADACHES – Our Premium Aerator Helps to Eliminate Headaches by Filtering out those Nasty Sulfites in SECONDS.
  • LIFETIME Warranty. A NO Questions Asked, 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee!



Review: These are not the first ice cube trays I have had made out of the silicone. My other ones are from I think Ikea.

Overall this is a good product. I love the uniform square sections. As you may have seen elsewhere they are good for making chocolates and what not.

I am not sure I would get them again. Not that it is a bad product, I just don’t feel I personally like it enough.



Review: This is basically a card version of seek & find books. Except instead of seeking stuff in a book its things in your home. There are different levels. With progressively harder words for your kids to read.

My kids loved this game. They have asked to play it several times. They even enjoyed reading the cards and were very excited to do whatever the card had to say.


Disclaimer: I had a bit of a problem with the Chetoo Apple watch band company. The product seems good. However, I received 2 bands to review. I ordered them through Amazon and both arrived missing parts. One arrived broken. Both seemed as though they were previous returns.


Beard Balm Review

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Beard Balm

Review: I got this for Matt, and I
believe he has had it for a couple of weeks now.

He was running out of his favorite balm so I have been trying to find him another
one that he may like just a much, if not more.

That being said, this wasn’t better than his favorite.
Thats not to say its bad. In comparison to some others he has tried recently this was the
better of those.

I believe he said that it just didn’t do for his beard what he wanted it to do.
I don’t think he will get this one again.

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Amazon Product Info:

  • Reduces beard itchiness and beardruff without the greasy feeling.
  • The balm is lightweight
  • Awesome for beginners:
  • Unscented and fragrance free means this balm has no overpowering smells
  • Jojoba oil hydrates and repairs hair fibers;
  • Shea butter builds volume for a healthy-looking shiny beard