Terminator Genisys

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Movies
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Hey how’s it going?

Matt and I watched this a few days ago and to sum it up terrible. 

Maybe we over thought it, but there was so much that didn’t make sense. 

For instance how does,SPOILERS, something done in the future effect the past. Now I can understand the sending someone from the future to the past to change what happens in the present/future. But to effect it before you get there is beyond me. 

So John Connors dad goes to the past on an alternate time line. 


1.) despite the dad being the only person to know of the 2 timelines Sarah Connor seems to have a freakin Ph.D. In it. 

2.) Sarah mentions how he is suppose to die. Hey people did you not get the memo this is a different timeline? If your gonna play with time travel and say that you can go back and change it then shouldn’t you also realize if your on a different timeline basically anything can happen. 

While watching it I made a comment to Matt. At one point in the movie John Connor more or less says he can kill his parents because he believes them to be outside the timeline. Now I could be wrong but if they are outside the timeline doesn’t that just mean they can do whatever and not effect the timeline?  

So I can’t say for sure the years everything happens in the movie. However, John Connor sends his dad into the past to meet Sarah. With this new timeline that couldn’t have happened because they destroyed sky net. So unless they raised John Connor to be a bad ass and fight the non existent terminators or whatever he would have no reason to send his dad back. Thus meaning he wouldn’t have been born in the first place.

  Plus Arnold’s character wouldn’t exist because skynet doesn’t exist. 

Now something that really bugged Matt was that they tried to give the terminator feelings. I tried to say maybe since his goal was to protect Sarah Connor as a little girl maybe he was programmed to “care” for her. He wouldn’t have it. 

Cgi is good for a game but in my opinion for a movie kind of based around technology it was lacking. 

👎🏼👎🏼 pass. 

If you have seen it what did fm you think? 


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