The Martian

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Movies
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Hey guys!

Were you able to make it to the theater to watch The Martian or any other movie this weekend? 

I am so I was able to watch this. i think this is my favorite movie of the year. Well, thus far. 

I will try not to but this review may have spoilers in it. 

First up is my favorite movie of the year, thus far. 

The Martian

There may have been some problems with the movie but overall it was good. 

It was Matt Damon’s castaway. 

Before the movie there was a preview for Leonardo dicaprios new movie. I leaned over to Matt and said maybe this movie will finally get him his oscar(or whatever award it is he keeps getting snubbed from. Gilbert Grape people! Come on….) 

Anyways so during the Martian I leaned over once again and said he (Matt Damon) is gonna take that Oscar away from Leo. 

Sad but unfortunately probably true. 

I have heard that some people believe this movie to be based on a true story. 

Now I can definitely see how someone may mistake if for one. They shot it and wrote it as though it were a real first person encounter. Plus the who video diary kind of gave it the whole Blair witch thing. Not scary but somehow an air of believability. Is it or isn’t it? 

However unless we have been kept in the dark which I know conspiracy theorists will say we have we haven’t been to Mars with anything but as rover. As far as we know. 

The one downside to this movie which if you just put it out of your mind won’t affect the movie for you. 

The one thing is the Monday before the movie was released nasa announced there is water on Mars. Of course we won’t be checking it out unless we can send a uncontaminated bot to check it out. (Earth bacteria and what not.) 

Well anyways this doesn’t exactly affect his mission to well live because who knows  where water was and there isn’t a guarantee in the little time they had been there they had discovered it. Even if he had would it have been enough to sustain him and his potatoes.

I have no idea. From what I had read it wasn’t water they detected but the salt. 

I’m crazy tired right now so I am going to wrap this up. If you haven’t seen it go watch it. 

I give it a 4.5/5 


Have a great day guys. 


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