Beard Balm Review

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Random
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Beard Balm

Review: I got this for Matt, and I
believe he has had it for a couple of weeks now.

He was running out of his favorite balm so I have been trying to find him another
one that he may like just a much, if not more.

That being said, this wasn’t better than his favorite.
Thats not to say its bad. In comparison to some others he has tried recently this was the
better of those.

I believe he said that it just didn’t do for his beard what he wanted it to do.
I don’t think he will get this one again.

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Amazon Product Info:

  • Reduces beard itchiness and beardruff without the greasy feeling.
  • The balm is lightweight
  • Awesome for beginners:
  • Unscented and fragrance free means this balm has no overpowering smells
  • Jojoba oil hydrates and repairs hair fibers;
  • Shea butter builds volume for a healthy-looking shiny beard




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