Inside man

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Movies
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Hey guys! 

How’s your day going?

I still need to do scream queens. 

To be honest I started it but it’s hard to get through. 


Matt has been on a movie kick the last few days. Not really caring what we watch I let him pick. He never told me the moving I looked on his phone to find out Jodie fosters name. For some reason the only name coming to mind was Juilia Childs. I am not sure how much further off I could have been. Anyways, the name was on his phone. 

Inside man stars Jodie foster, Denzel Washington and a few other people. 

Denzel plays a detective/cop/negotiator. This group of people is attempting to rob a bank and he is the man for the job. 

This is one of the few movies that actually did what I thought was the right move. 

So naturally I liked that. 😊

It kept you wondering until the end. 

So for all the above I would give it a 4/5.

However, there is one kind of big thing that I did not like. 

It felt anti climatic. Things happened and yet nothing happened. 

There was no money stolen, no one killed(not that anyone had to be killed, but if you watch it you’d get it), there was hardly anything. Denzel and lead robber talk on phone, we jump to the future where Denzel interrogates the” hostages”. 

I did not like the look of the interrogation scenes. I assume they did it artistically or even simply to Show a time change. To me it just kind of pulled me out of the flow of the movie. 

The only truly good thing is that based on the name you are always questioning who’s involved. 

However I think even this may be crapped on the the literalness of him being inside the bank. 

Also, Matt and I disagreed about this. In one of the scenes you see the girl in the white tank top digging and then later in interrogation room you see a girl unzip her coveralls and reveal a white tank top. Matt says there were some still wearing undershirts. I said I don’t think so. 

There was also a guy who still had one on. I don’t know if there were some with undershirts on or if it was an oversight from the writers/costumes, of if it was on purpose to let the audience know who was the “bad guys”. 

All in all 3-3.5/5

Watch it let me know what you think. 

Have a great day guys! 


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