Heroes reborn

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys!

Just realized I never finished/posted my post for Big Bang theory. I do know I didn’t do the scream queen yet. 

Sorry guys. I will be doing that maybe today.

Matt has been home sick and I have been with them. 

He doesn’t have much desire to watch scream queens. Told me he watched maybe 5 minutes on his own and had to shut it off. 

Anyways who is excited for Heroes Reborn? 

I loved the first season of heroes and proceeded to watch the other seasons, but honestly each season was worse than the last with the last almost being mockable. 


Spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers


I am about 5 minutes in and this point and wow.

They literally started off with a bang. 

I am trying so hard to not have my hopes high because I am sure they won’t reach them….

Mohender is the head of the anti evos?

Now I know it has been quite a few years since I watched the show but I could have sworn Mohender was on board with them completely and I thought he actually had done something to become one. 

What has changed in the last whatever years that he would be dubbed an “Evo Terrorist”? 

I am glad to find out he was just a patsy. Well considering the alternative I’m glad. 

Thoughts on the other stuff.

So Claire may be alive that’d be awesome. I hope Hayden reprises her role. 

The main boy who can teleport people has a decently awesome power.  Now that he has an idea of how to control it I suppose it will make it easier. Just to the moon. Space and then, well they are dead. 

It’s nice to see mr. Bennet. I’m not sure it would have the same feel if he wasn’t involved. 

It has been a few days and either there wasn’t anyone else but 1 other or only 1 other was memorable. 

Katana girl!

I have such mixed feelings about this character. On one hand I feel it is incredibly stupid and that they only did the video game to get in with the nerds. 

Matt said they obviously didn’t consult with anyone who makes games. 

On the other hand assuming the dad is actually the Evo and its thiny along the lines of the boy from the original series who could “talk” to electronics. 

Maybe the dad can bend reality. I have no idea I am not writing the story but I hope they have a good reason for this strange storyline. 

What did you guys think of the season premiere? 

Have a great day guys. 


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