Big Bang theory season premiere 

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys! How are you doing? 

I had a chance to watch the season premiere of Big Bang theory last night. 

So that’s what this post is about. 

But before I get started I have heard in the past that this show isn’t generally liked by the nerdy community.   

Being a nerd myself and Matt one as well I am just curious as to why you don’t like the show. 



In this episode Penny and Leonard finally tie the knot. 

However it isn’t some romantic fairy tale(esque) thing you may expect after several years of build up. 

At the end of the last season on their way to Vegas Leonard confesses to having cheated, specifically that he had kissed another girl. 

Now I had to look up why this was bothering her so much. Matt and I thought that they weren’t dating while he was off on the Arctic expedition.

Turns out they were.

So I don’t blame penny for being hurt in the least. I do however feel she should have said she would rather wait to get married so she could process it. But hey why not spend their wedding night mad at each other.

Also,  I felt the kiss was out of character for Leonard. He probably pined for penny forever and then finally got her to date him and I’m suppose to believe he would screw it all up for some other girl.

Well in addition to their storyline we watch the split of Sheldon and Amy. After Amy (during skype) tells him she needs time he talks to gollum and asks what he should do with the ring. 

Wtf writer?! 

Have you even watched your own show? 

Amy had to push him to hold hands and kiss and you want me to believe he was going to make this huge relationship step on his own.

Maybe it all makes sense but for me it just seemed like a way to shake things up. Which I suppose is enough of a reason but couldn’t it have stayed true. 

I believe Amy would be bothered by constantly have to push Sheldon to have a more normal relationship. (Even though she knew what she was getting into)

I also believe Penny’s reaction to Leonard’s kiss. 

What do you guys think? 

Did any of it seem out of character to you? 


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