Ftwd #4

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys I’m a day late on this but been crazy busy. 

In addition to this post I think I am gonna do at least 2 more this week for the returning Big Bang theory and new show scream queens. 

Before I start do you think the fact that there is nothing on my Facebook newsfeed about this weeks episode is a sign? 

I do!!!

What did you think of this weeks episode?

Where to start……

Nick is trying to fool his mom into thinking he is getting better. 

Which to me seems really short sighted. Because at some point that morphine is going to run out and he is going to want the pills and his mom is going to think he is starting up again, or realize he never quit.

The other boy thinks he saw someone alive in the no go zone. 

The wife/nicks mom agrees with him. 

Try’s to talk to her bf/husband about it and  he tells her he doesn’t want her encouraging these conspiracy theories with his son. 

Before the conspiracy theory talk lets just talk for a sec about how little I believe they are a couple. They don’t seem anything alike and there isn’t much “love” between them. 

YES I know they were engaging in sex but let’s be honest so did Shane and Andrea and they didn’t love each other but they seemed more interested in each other than these 2.

Back to conspiracy theories 

(Half way through episode) 

All I have to say is they did a goo job at making me feel concerned when the doctor lady arrived.

Well well well she’s not a nurse. 

That’s almost interesting. 

She left the quarantine.

I don’t know how I feel about that. One on hand I applaud her for taking initiative, but in the other she could be getting herself into danger for nothing. 

Although she left after doing the flashlight thing. Does everyone just know morse code. Is this a required class  in California?

So the mom finds nick looking for his fix and he says “what do you want me to say”?

Then she beats the crap out of him saying you have no idea. 

I have no idea!!

What the heck is this scene about? Is there more to it, or is it just everything has been building up. 


How does the ex-husband not know his ex-wife isn’t a nurse? 

Well I am guessing that person with the light is dead. 

Well it looks like it’s going to get better. Let’s see. 

Have a great day guys. 


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