Web Wednesday 9/16/2015

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Web
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Morning Guys!

How is your day going so far? Is it cold where you guys are.

It is starting to look like fall here. I love it but Matt on the other hand kind of gets “depressed” when we have several cloudy days.

In my brief research I wasn’t able to find the name for “rainy day depression”. So if you know it please let me know.

 Well here are the things I found worth sharing this week.


The Smuggler’s Bounty Box.

It costs 25.00 +s/h

Novembers closes on 11/12

Their site says the debut box will contain 2 Exclusive Pop Vinyls.

I would love a Han and Chewie.

100% Exclusive: every item, every box!Instantly join the Star wars elite when you collect items that nobody else can get their hands on. Our box is full of STAR WARS and Funko items available ONLY through SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY.- See more at: https://www.smugglersbounty.com/#sthash.8jQPu61W.dpuf
100% exclusive thats awesome. I hate getting mystery boxes that have things I could get at even Walmart.
Anyways, check it out if you want.

Well this video is old(early 2015) but I just found out about it and the kid in me is giddy.

Carbon Flyer Drone.

This next video I picked for 2 reasons.

The first being its almost Halloween, and “I’m Batman”.

The second being that Matt and I have been thinking of getting into molding and such.

This next one, I don’t think I could be anymore excited for.

The latest trailer from Blizzard, for the latest Starcraft II expansion.

Starcraft II:Legacy of the Void

Yeah!! Protosses turn.

Have a great day guys.


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