Cozyna Coffee Grinder Review

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Random
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Cozyna Coffee Grinder


I have only had this for a few weeks, but have used it several times.

My husband was the first to try it and I don’t think he was sold on it.
After trying it, I can understand why it isn’t for some.

Since it is manual it will take more work than pushing a button on a electric one.
It makes you work some of those arm muscles.

However, I love that this could easily be taken camping, or backpacking.
I like that it can be taken apart to be stored, or if you want you could store some beans in the bottom until ready to grind.

I think it does a great job grinding the beans.


Amazon Product Info:

  • Rust Free
  • ADJUSTABLE GRIND SIZE: No need to unscrew the entire grinder in order to adjust the grind size. Simply turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise in order to reach perfect size.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY:Β  made of high grade stainless steel
  • DESIGNED FOR AEROPRESS: This grinder was specifically designed so that it could fit into an AEROPRESS and be taken while traveling




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