Royal Scuta Review

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Random
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Royal Scuta Nano Coating Tempered Glass Screen Protector



My review is pretty simple….I love it.
I have been pretty rough with my Iphone 6 since I got it a few months ago.
I have already had to replace the screen.

Then within a month after replacing the screen,
I cracked the screen protector I had on at the time.

I thankfully, haven’t dropped my phone with this screen protector on….yet.
However, from a couple of weeks of use. Being put in my purse
with all my stuff, and general use it doesn’t appear to even have a scratch on it.

They have one of the best packages I have seen for screen protectors. Despite being on the cheaper end it is packaged as though it is high-end.

Also, I have had problems putting on screen protectors in the past(ruining them while putting them on), however, I was thrilled to see how easy this was to get on.

It doesn’t Have any bubbles.
UPDATE: the black border has started to come off recently. (Detaching from main protector) lowered by 1 star.


61x7QZkaK1L._SL1000_ 6177CoSXHoL._SL1000_Amazon Product info:

  • Nano coating toughened glass membrane, prevent dust, inhibition of bacteria
  • Border with frosted design
  • Effective resistance to drop, scratch and a certain degree of external impact


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