Band of Brothers

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Tv
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hey guys did you have a good 3 day weekend?

Matt was on call for work some spent ours at home.

Watching…. Band of Brothers

For those of you who don’t know Band of Brothers is a HBO miniseries from around 10 years ago.

The miniseries takes place during World War II and focus on the new branch Airborne.

It was directed by the amazing Tom Hanks.

We have finished 5/10. One of the first things you may notice is all the familiar faces. Including a younger Sgt. Abraham Ford(the walking dead), unfortunately I can’t remember his name or rank in the show.

There are so many things they did right with this show, and I will get to them in a minute.

My one critic is that with the opening instead of showing the actors it would have been neat to see pictures of the guys who talk about their experiences or other guys of that time.

Other than that I love the actors they chose. I feel that they are either top notch or tried really hard(and succeeded).

This show is one season in length when compared to Game of Thrones normal length. ย I would love to see a second season.

I am not sure how to say this without sounded terrible….

Matt “loves” WWII.

Told you it’d sound terrible.

He kind of romanticizes it. But what do you expect with great movies like saving Private Ryan? Even Fury.

I love the story telling. It wasn’t just a we did awesome look at these times we were awesome. It shows the bad times they went through as well. Such as flying over enemy territory preparing to jump and the pilots had to maneuver so as not to go down. Because of these the men ended up landing in wrong places or without some or all gear.
Could you imagine that? Essentially being dropped into a nightmare with only your wits. If lucky you landed with your knife. Kind of goes to that saying “bringing a knife to a gun fight”.

Well while watching and trying to imagine what it may be like it got me thinking about my grandpa who was in the war. I have heard a readers digest version of what he experienced but I’d love to know more.

As some of you may know I’ve had a terrible year. Last December I lost my grandpa and a few weeks ago I lost my dad.

Both had been in wars. My mom had this picture of them from sometime last year just talking and so happy to see each other because they both knew the other wasn’t doing well. Anyways she wants to get a plaque that says “my two heroes”.

But I strayed a bit. Anyways so I had heard stories of some of the things my dad had seen, but never my grandpa.

Until this weekend there was only one thing I knew about his experience with the war. That was that he opted for shock therapy to try and forget it. My mom says that he lost his memory of everything but I guess basics for 7 years.

Well I talk to my mom a bit to try and get bits of info to do some research. She told me something else about his time in the war. She said that he saw his friends die. When shot they would freeze and he would have to “help” them to the ground.

I’m curious about this freezing. Does anyone know if this is something that happens or it is more along the lines of time slows down when things like this happen?

Well I should probably head to bed.

Good night guys!

  1. Mike C. says:

    The older men doing the taking at the beginning of most episodes are some of the main characters in the show that were still alive at the time of taping. They just don’t give the names until the final episode. Hits you hard emotionally watching that last one and finally tying the faces to those characters you grew to love and the trials they had to suffer through.

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