hey guys!

I had the privilege of going to an advance screening of “The Visit” last night. 

I only got pre-movie pics cause we had to shut off our phones.




Since it doesn’t come out for another week or so I can’t tell you what happens. 

So here are my thoughts. 

1.) it was better than I thought it was gonna be.

2.)M. night shamalan didn’t get to “Sixth Sense” level of “goodness” but thankfully it was way better than “The Happening”

3.) I personally felt it was on par with “Signs”, or better. That whole water thing really made me not “Signs”.

4.) I was pleased to see it wasn’t just all shock and awe. Not to say there wasn’t plenty of times the audience yelled what and omg.  One part for sure made me squirm. 

5.) I would probably watch it again. 

6.) I thought the casting was great. I have recently become a fan of Kathryn Hahn(Happyish, Step Brothers). As for the kids I have only seen the boy(Ed Oxenbould) in Alexander and the terrible…. This was my first time seeing the daughter, nana and pop pop. 

7.) kind of afraid of the elderly now. 

8.) my friend and I were wondering why the hell crawling is creepy.)it’s in the trailer) 

9.) I liked the way they filmed it. I won’t say how they did it but I will say I think others have tried and not done as well as I feel M. Night S. did. 

10.) I liked that there was fun parts of the movie. It’s not often you watch a “horror” movie and spend part of the time laughing. 


The Visit

Out: 09/12/2015



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