Ftwd episode 2

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys! How’s it going?  I’m sitting her writing this blog post on my phone. 

1.) that’s pretty amazing. Not that long ago a phone wasn’t good for more than texting/talking and playing really simple games. 

2.) why the heck does it change my correct words but when I accidentally type hry instead of hey it leaves it? 


Have you watched this weeks episode yet? 

If not I’m probably gonna give away spoilers so caution.

Can’t remember her name but she has one up on horror movie girls.  (She left the front door open.)
Well idk about you but I am torn. For the most part I feel that the show is too much like the original. 

On one hand that’s great cause they maybe able to keep us interested. On the flip side it might make us hate it. Repetitive…. 

However, I like that Nick is battling a drug addiction. It makes it a bit more interesting plus it does change it up from the original. 
I believe in Twd that Meryl had a bag of pills but never went anywhere. So it’s kind of nice to see what he may have went through after the roof thing in Atlanta.

I think my biggest issue with the show though is that they aren’t bonded. The most panic I felt was from the daughter when Nick started seizing/throwing up. I obviously can’t speak for you but if I knew we were in the midst of zombie apocalypse or whatever. If I wasn’t with Matt or my kids I would be freaking out the whole time we weren’t together.

However, the parents seem pretty calm considering. With the mom/wife saying she won’t leave without him sounded more like she will wait to eat dinner till he gets home. Not I won’t leave the city without you while flesh eating dead people walk around. 

I know it’s only the second episode and I can only hope it’ll get better. 

Are you comparing it to TWD?

Did you like this episode? More/less than last week?

Should this have been a mini-series? 

Ttfn guys

Have a great day.


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