B2Action Ring

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Random

81sh39zpNvL._SL1500_ 81hkCz+3urL._SL1500_B2Action Men’s SIlicone RIng

A few weeks ago after Matt told me he wanted a silicone ring I thought it sounded kind of crazy. Why would you rather wear silicone when you have a tungsten carbonite ring? However, then he showed me a picture(warning it is disturbing) that completely changed my mind.

After being grossed out, I was ready to get him one. I am glad that I found this one.
I don’t think there is anything about this my husband doesn’t like.
He even likes the bag that it came in(below).
He works hard so I think it has a slight(almost unnoticeable) tear in it.91oERQcZeiL._SL1500_

Amazon Product info:

  • ย  This is a B2ACTION Premium Series Ring, made of high end medical hypoallergenic silicone rubber to ensure top notch durability, comfort and aesthetic beauty.
  • Made of HypoAllergenic Medical Grade Silicone Ring. Non-conductive and chemically 100% inert.
  • Designed to break away and prevent finger amputation. Highly recommended to anyone who lives an active lifestyle. No worries of injuring yourself or your partners
  • Sleek ultralight weight design. 0.88 cm wide 0.17 cm thick. Choose diameter according to your size (if you have a half size, we advice to order the next full size)..


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