Joe Dirt 2

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Movies
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Hey everyone!

Have you had a good couple of days?

Maybe not if you have tried to watch Joe Dirt 2.

Lets start this off with the trailer…


As of now it is rated 4.5 on Imdb out of 580.

I don’t know who is giving this over 2-3 but they must have watched a different movie.

From jumping between other movies (stories), forest gump, wizard of oz, cast away, and throwing in random things that possibly pertained to the story but frankly just seemed as though they were just trying to get laughs.

The jokes just seemed wildly forced. From the group of loggers taking turns farting in Joe Dirts face. With the added hilarity(sarcasm) of the “hot” woman logger joining in.

Then Joe Dirt giving out nicknames like “One Eye”, and “Two Eyes, oh I guess everyone has two eyes huh”, to the biker gang. I am half wondering if the writers (looking at you David Spade and Fred Wolf) were high/drunk when writing this and found this to be funnier than it is.

Also, what the hell is up with the birthing scene. I understand its a movie and a “comedy”(loosely used) but for what reason other than trying to get laughs would they have a doctor smoking while about to deliver babies?

As someone who has had the experience of having a baby come out of my who ha I can/ as well as Matthew can say with certainty that there is no way you could tell there was more than one baby in the uterus, while a baby is in the birthing canal. With a head blocking the hole not sure how on earth you could see anything inside.

Matt’s thoughts:

It didn’t seem like they were trying.

It feels as though they were trying to play off the success of the original film, instead of making a good movie.

It was almost unbearable.

My Rating


Matt’s Rating


What were your thoughts?


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