Bananas… Minions

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Movies
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Did you guys get a chance to see the Minions movie this weekend? 

If you did what were your thoughts on it? 




My favorite thing about the movie

The oh so adorable Bob and Tim. From becoming king and begging to go on the adventure for another “Boss”. I love that they made him with different colored eyes and that he loves everything. Including the sewer rat that they come across. 

Least favorite thing(s)?

Just about everything. Let me clarify, this movie was not bad. 

Just dull, with some laughs mixed in. 

At one point in the middle I struggled and a few times lost the battle and traveled to the land of nod. 

Obviously I could blame this on my being tired but if you go to an awesome movie you won’t fall asleep. 

Despite being one of the top movies in the country this weekend I say wait for the dvd/redbox. Save some $$. 



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