True Story

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Movies
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Hey guys did you have a good day?

We went to see the New Minions movie today.

However, I want to discuss the movie Matt and I watched last night.

Which, I hadn’t heard of until last night.

True Story!


Starring: Jonah Hill, and Jame Franco

As you can see in the Preview, Jonah Hill plays a New York Times Journalist, and James Franco plays an accused murder.

This movie is based on the book by Micheal Finkel.

From the bit of research I did at the beginning of the movie, it seems to be just that a “TRUE STORY”.





From the opening scene of the little girl in the suitcase this movie was hard for me to watch. Not because it was bad, but simply because it made me feel as though a darkness had surrounded me.

….I hope that makes sense….

I am not sure if the point of this movie was to make me feel that way, but that’s what I felt.

I read that this movie has gotten mixed reviews, and I have opted not to read them yet, so as not to sway my judgement.

That being said I can say I have mixed feelings about this movie. I feel that Jonah, and James Franco did a good job with their characters.

Heck the story is even interesting.

A guy gets picked up in Mexico and says he is another guy.

That other guy happens to be a journalist who is in a bad spot for his own mess.

Then accused murder uses journalist to tweak his story for the jury in hopes of getting of scott free.

Journalist writes book about it all.

Maybe the reason this is so hard to review is because its not just inspired or “based on a true story”, it is the damn “True Story”. From one of the people that was there/involved. It isn’t like you can say ehh that’d never happen like with other movies. Well it did!!

I don’t know if I have said this before but I love learning about why people do what they do.

So, this kind of movie was up my alley. Now we don’t get many answers in the way of why he did this or that, but then again maybe we did.

He(Christian Longo) spewed stories about his wife having done it and why she did it.

Maybe in the mix of his webs he said his motive. That basically it came down to him having lost his job and realized he couldn’t take care of them.

He said that he asked his wife where the kids were and she said “you did this. You killed us”. After he of course lost that job.

However, maybe none of it matters because he has the mind of a psychopath. His boss at that last job said he came in an hour late the day after he had murdered his wife. Which is either like Hannibal going home to eat the liver and then go to work the next day and talk about whatever was on tv last night, or he was trying to play the story that he spews later, about his wife leaving him.

Based on certain details in the movie like the wink and his stories I would say he is more of a psychopath.

From what is shown he used Finkle. They may have had a deal but Finkle was too blind to see what was going on.

Longo asked if Finkle would teach him to write. Obviously, I understand this. That is an amazing skill to have and I wish I had it.

Although, his plans came to light when Longo finally got on the stand and relayed things that Finkle said. Such as the 2 wrongs don’t make a right, or the teddy bear dying when the little girl did.

I suppose if you want to tell a beautiful story who better to “write” it than a writer.

I was thoroughly creeped out when Longo called to talk to Finkle but instead talked to Jill.

I don’t blame her one bit for checking doors and such. He talked as though he was right outside.

I am in no way saying I am a master conversationalist but that just seems like something you probably shouldn’t do. Unless of course his goal was to freak her out enough so she would eventually come see him.

Oh gosh don’t get me started on the story she told. Ekk it just popped back into my head and now I am having a hard time getting it to leave.

Since I would prefer to not dream about baby killers in a few minutes when I go to sleep I probably should end there.

What did you think of this movie?


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