Tiny Houses

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Random
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Morning guys!!

How was your day yesterday, or how is today going?

Nothing really going on here, but I do have a few things to talk about.

Lets go…

With all the shows out there, and site(I feel not enough) I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of these.

Tiny Houses

Last year I got a text from Matt telling me I should watch, Tiny. After watching it it sounded interesting. Didn’t feel it was for me. Hey, we have a house already with plenty of space.

Then 2 days ago Matt texts me to tell me he wants to build a tiny house for our 4 person family.

Which, kind of sounds crazy how in the heck do you fit 4 people in a few hundred feet.

(Even after tons of research I still am not sure.)

Anyways after Matt and I were talking his reason is he doesn’t want a mortgage. He works hard and a good chunk of our money goes to paying for “4 walls” and a roof.

I did some research and, some are amazing. Have you seen Tiny House Nation? Terrible show but its awesome to see what can be done with 400 sq ft or less.

17337__Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-2 the-miterbox-tiny-house-on-wheels-007

Ok, amazing may have been too big, but they look nice.

Obviously, this whole thing takes some thought. How do you take a family that lives in about 2000 sq ft and move them into a Tiny House(sounds like a future vlog)?

Then I got to thinking, we don’t need the majority of this space. We have a ton of crap to fill the empty spaces. Sadly, we have enough space in our current place that we hardly ever have to see each other if we choose.

What do you think about Tiny Houses?/ Do you have any tips?

Would you watch our Tiny House vlog?


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