Jurassic World

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Movies
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Good Morning all!

How is the weather where you are?

This is what my day looks like it might turn out to be

not that I am complaining. I love rainy days. Especially, since it has been over a 100 for the last few weeks. We went to Lagoon a local amusement park a couple of weeks ago. Were there from open to close and mid day I thought it was gonna pass out.

Later that weekend we went to watch Inside Out I will write about that tomorrow.


This is gonna age me, but I remember when Jurassic Park came out. Well not so much when it came out, I was about 10-11 and didn’t pay attention to movie release dates. My now stepdad brought it over with pizza(which of course won me over lol).

Having sat through the last 3, I was excited to see this one.

Obviously, we all know the first one was the best.

The 2nd one was not as good, but was ok.

The 3rd one should frankly be forgotten.

With 14 years to prepare for Jurassic World you expect a good movie.

There will probably be SPOILERS coming.





I am gonna go ahead and put out what I thought of this movie. It wasn’t Epic by any means, but I would say its on par or close to the original.

Before we get to the Awesomeness that is Chris Pratt lets talk about the plot.

You have mom and dad who are in the midst of getting a divorce so they send their kids away. I get it. You don’t want them to be around for it. However, (never been through one so speculation) I think this is just the preliminary. Unless, they agree on everything this could go on for months or years.

Obviously, that wasn’t the main point of the movie. More just an excuse to have the boys go off on their own.

They built Jurassic World, and people still attend the park. Despite news of what happened in the original park probably having been released. They really should have been on guard the whole time.

Then again I doubt any of the people could have know there was gonna hybrids.

We have the dino scientist from the original movie. At what point did Engine(couldn’t find the correct spelling) get him in their pocket? I guess he got a god complex, and was thrilled to be paid for it.

Also, what does he mean we aren’t mad scientist?

They created a raptor, T-rex hybrid that is capable of avoiding heat detection, and remembering where they put the tracker. That sounds like a mad scientist to me. Hell if they had mixed some of

its spitting it may have been unstoppable.


He plays an ex-navy(man) and has been hired to train and research the raptors. Which if you have seen he has done well. With scenes such as the new pig wrangler(not sure if that was his job) falling into the raptor cage and Owen(Chris Pratt) going into the cage to save him, and then doing some roll under the cage door as its closing moves.

To be totally girly for a moment, they wrote his character perfectly. He is badass, pretty sure of himself and yeah not bad to look at(swoon, lol).

Serious note, he is a good actor.Β  Been watching him since Everwood.

There is a point where the eldest boy says your boyfriends kind of a badass.

I turned to Matt and said yeah and he will never have to worry about someone stealing that title cause, who else can say yeah I rode in a pack with a bunch of raptors? No one, at least not yet.


I am thrilled they didn’t have the T-rex die in this film(suppose to be the same T-rex from the original film), I feel it would have been saying screw the previous generation. πŸ™‚

What did you think?


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