Magnolia Movie Review

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Movies
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Hey guys!

For those of you in the U.S did you have a good 4th?

Mine almost wasn’t good.

Matthew went to work and while on the highway was nearly hit by some teen boy who decided driving while drinking was a good idea.


“An epic mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.”-IMDB

This was Matt’s pick for last night. I have told him previously the 1 or 2 “mosaics” that I have seen I haven’t liked, but I gave it a shot anyways.









Ok, this movie centers around 2 new guys. One is a producer and the other is a game show host.

Both men are dying. Both men have/had loving wives who they cheated on several times. Both have estranged children.

Mr. Partridge’s son Jack chose to become a “motivational” speaker. Teaching guys how to tame the c**t. I am not sure if it was meant to be extreme or if its what a speaker of that sort may say, but Matt even said it kind of sounded like it was bordering rapey.

Frank T.J. Mackey: In this life, it’s not what you hope for, it’s not what you deserve – it’s what you take!

The daughter of the other guy turned to drugs.

I could tell you about all the characters like I normally do but I am just gonna cut to the chase.

1. This movie is 3 hours long. It was way to freakin long.

At about an hour 15 in I fell asleep. Matt says I was asleep for about 30 minutes. I woke up and based on what was going on in the movie figured I had only been asleep for 30 seconds.

2. I don’t feel like the characters were developed well.

You would think with 3 hours there would be enough time to learn and grown to care about the characters. I don’t feel that happened. When your following 5 or so people its hard to develop a strong bond to the characters.

Don’t get me wrong you learn about them. For instance that girl above at least partially turned to drugs because her daddy touched her “wrong”.

Tom Cruise aka Frank Mackey aka Jack Partridge probably turned to his profession (cause of $$) because of the example his father set.

3. It is suppose to be an artistic movie. So I guess that makes certain things that seem weird ok for some people. Not for me.

Examples: The beginning song is louder than the conversations going on. Matt told me this was probably to make it feel rushed. Sure ok.

Then they played the whole damn song. Thus adding to the ridiculously long run time.

The last scene is of the drug addict girl sitting on her bed and there is music once again playing over the dialogue so all you really can make out is the cop/date saying something about lies or lying.

I assume this was because the whole film was suppose to be themed on forgiveness.

However, she rather creepy/awkwardly smiles.

4. I didn’t hate everything. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was spectacular in this film. Who also happened to be the only non”damaged” person in this film but spectacular non the less.

Another thing I found interesting was the hundreds of thousands of frogs raining from the sky.

I am not sure if this was meant to be a plaque thing or something I just didn’t get but it was done well. Weird and kind of out of nowhere but cool.

All in all I would say its worth a watch if only to see Julianne Moore freak out at people and Phillip Seymour Hoffman be awesome. Plus the frogs.



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