The Garbage Sifter

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Books
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Hey guys, welcome to todays “Tale Tuesday”

Seriously need to figure out a better name for that. πŸ™‚

Todays book, is The Garbage Sifter.

By: Barry Jones

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You can read the full synopsis above but here is a brief version.

Brief Synopsis:

This fast-paced thriller ensnares intelligence agents, drug cartel overlords and politicians in a twisted web of deceit and deception.

Camila Sanchez, an Argentinian garbage sifter, finds a partially shredded confidential CIA document among her overnight collection of refuse.

About Barry Jones:

*Retired scientist who has turned his focus toward storytelling.

*He belongs to the Explorastory group in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and has told his stories at numerous public venues, including the Tennessee State Museum, Historic Rock Castle, Middle Tennessee libraries, and at Hope Lodge, a Nashville hostel for cancer patients and their families.

*The Garbage Sifter is his fourth book.

*Named Industrial Scientist in 1998 by the Tennessee Academy of Science.

*A United States Soccer Federation β€œA” license, and a 2003 induction into the Tennessee State Soccer Hall of Fame for his professional coaching efforts at the adult and youth levels.

*Jones is married with two grown sons and lives with his wife in Hendersonville.


Spoiler Alert.

I don’t say this too often but I actually like what I read. Mr. Jones was able to capture my attention from the get go. In the first Chapter you are introduced to Camila who’s husband died and left her a single mother, who also happens to be taking care of her mother. Who turns to “garbage sifting” as a way to provide for all of them, in addition to her husbands pension.

I also, feel that he described things well. I have read several books that just over describe or under describe what is going on.

That being said, there were times when it was hard to keep my attention, and I would space out and have to reread things several times.

All in All



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