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Posted: June 17, 2015 in Random
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ParacordSurvival Bracelet




Review: All in all its a good bracelet. My only complaint is that the bracelet seemed to start coming unraveled and then started scratching. My husband hugged me and as he pulled away lightly cut my wrist. Then later gave himself a small but decent size cut on his side.


  • Your 1st Defense For UNEXPECTED EMERGENCIES!
  • BE PREPARED – Keep A Paracord Bracelet In As Many Places As You See Fit For Your Families Preparedness: The Glove Box of You Car, Clip To Your Backpack or Purse, Camping Gear, Tackle Box, Gun Bag, Etc. Save $4 Today When You Purchase 2 Survival Bracelets And Use Coupon Code PARASUR4 At Checkout.
  • How Can You Use Paracord Survival Bracelets? Secure a tent, a tarp between trees or a splint. Make a tourniquet, Replace a broken shoe laces (this could really save you when hiking), Make a tow line; triple up for extra strength, Hang something up off the ground and so much more.
  • Lifetime Warranty! – If Anything Happens To Your Survival Bracelet, We’ll Replace It Absolutely FREE!


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Magnetic Screen Door

Review: I have tried just using the velcro and then tacks and for some reason it just doesn’t stay up for me. I currently have 4 tacks in the top, and one keeps falling out. I will try replace it once again and maybe it’ll be better(I will resubmit this if it changes). However, my first week impression is that its more work then its worth.

Mega Quality

– Strong magnets sewn in, to provide seamless automatic closure

– Reinforced edges for strength

– High performance Velcro and tacks included to keep the mesh up

– Micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out

– Easy install bug screens have been developed to stay up and withstand heavy traffic

Mega Benefits

– Magnetic hands free entry

– Pet friendly access

– The low-cost way to economically cool your home

– Protection for your family from invading insects

Azsport Waist Trimmer


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Review: I don’t believe I have seen any lasting results. However, while wearing it, it does obviously trim your waist a bit.
I have only had it for a few weeks so I look forward to seeing if it does show any lasting results.

That being said it is mostly comfortable. I only really notice it, if I have attached the velcro part to where it slightly hangs over the edge.

  • PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS – The waist trimmer is the best fitness equipment for abs. It is perfect for all kinds of Work Out, whether you want to go for a Run, a Walk, do Yoga or go Cycling you can now maximize your burn and lose that belly fat fast by preserving body heat and removing excess water weight especially in your abdominal area. With the help of AZSPORT waist trimmer Sauna Belt, you can now get the curves you have always wanted.
  • STRONG CORE – Strengthen, tighten and protect your core muscle with this trimming belt. A strong core stabilizes your entire body. Surely more than the flat belly or six-pack abs, you aim for a strong core that offers better balance, easier breathing, improved circulation and a healthy posture.
  • BACK SUPPORT – You don’t just get a tummy tuck, the waist trimmer ab belt provides compression to support your lower back and abdominal muscles, too. If you have lower back issues, this waist trimmer Sauna Belt acts like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support and create the best posture for healing.
  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT-WEIGHT – A premium waist trimmer from the leading sports authority. Made with the finest materials. Adjustable and stretchy fabric that is so comfortable you can wear it under any Work Out apparel. One Size fits Most, this high-quality waist trimmer ab belt can fit up to 50 inches.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – With AZSPORT, you are taking on absolutely no risk. Our unconditional money-back guarantee is limitless. If you are not thrilled with your purchase for any reason, just tell us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price anytime!



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