Catching up on “Between”

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Tv
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Good Morning all. How is your day going? 

I am so behind on my blogging. I keep meaning to blog as normal but for the last month Matt has had so many days off. Today is his first day back to work in over a week. 

Which, is why despite me starting a blog post and starting the episode I never got around to finishing either. 

Anyways, since “Orange is the New Black” is out I suppose it’s time to write about those as well. Just not right now.


Crossing Lines


Tensions were kind of high in this episode. Or well it was suppose to feel that way. However, despite everything going on no one really feels as frustrated as they should. 

Except maybe the “Dukes” and the “Creekers”.  Anyone else feel like this is a bit west side storyesque?  One thing this show got right is them. Kids (most of the time)  wouldn’t really care about all the evidence. Actually as I said that I realized I was mistaken. Most of the population wouldn’t. Chuck found a text staying Ronnie and Lana should meet up. I suppose for the most part that’d be enough for anyone to be on the war path. 

Stacey is a terrible person. Gotta love those characters, I believe mostly played by females, who want their “bad boys” on the side of their “good guys”.  I can’t stand cheaters. Either dump the person or talk to them. Maybe they’d be open to an open relationship. 

Gord: on one hand he seems to be pretty level headed. However, it wasn’t very smart of him to leave his little sister alone for 24 hours.  Especially, with all the “Dukes” running around with guns. Playing judge, jury, and executioner. 

Wiley: anyone else feel her sister was right? All she has done through this damn show is throw herself a pity party. Grown the f*ck up and realize there is more going on in the world than you not being able to give your baby away. 

I wish I could remember his name but her friend kind of a d-ck. what on earth would have compelled him to throw her bag? Why not a rock or something who takes a bag out of another persons hands and tosses it into what is believed to be land mines? 


Love Hurts

Melissa: I get she is stressed but what a way to treat a person who just helped you. Let’s you have a break for a little bit. Then you come back and bite her head off because the church is messy. 

Amy?!: (ms. Symonds ) well she starts this episode with a bang. Showing her boyfriend dying right After she said yes to his proposal. On her birthday. What a terrible birthday. Although not nearly as bad as turning 22 days after the quarantine is established. I suppose we shall see if it continues. 

Ronnie: well he certainly follows his own path. Since when does saying no to someone mean you think your better than them?  Couldn’t it be as simple as not seeing them that way? 

Wiley: completely understand she cared about him and didn’t want him dead, but pretty foolish to check on him. Scary movie rules here people! 

Adam: “powers back on!” Way to state the obvious there Adam. 

Well now that ms. Symonds is dead we know the virus or whatever is still around. 

Also, begs the question does it have to do with the power turning back on at the exact same time? 

Ok we are 4 episodes in. 

What do you think of the series? 


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