Posted: June 8, 2015 in Movies
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well as i lay in the tent in my inlaws backyard i figured now would be a great time to talk to you about this movie.

no holds barred!

I had no idea what to expect from this movie. i had seen the name a few times on movie theater listings, but it sounded like it was one those “serious” movies(based solely on the name).

Well for most of the month of May it was raining so what better time to spend the weekend watching movies.

Matthew was picking and gave me a choice between some movie i can almost guarantee i would’ve hated (based on previous movies like it. im not big on movies with a bunch of storylines that join to make one big one. that somehow never have a very good ultimate story), and then Kingsmen. Well without knowing this one and assuming I’d hate the other i went for the lesser of two evils.

Boy am I glad i chose Kingsmen. Yeah, it has been a few weeks since i watched it but i can not for the life of me remember anything bad about this movie.

We liked it so much that we almost watched it the next day. anytime we cant think of what to watch, it is on the list for if we can’t find something new.

bottom line: I suggest watching it. i dont want to give anything away if you haven’t watched it.

I was suprised to find out this movie is based on a comic/graphic novel(cant remember what i read) (i am writing on my phone so have patience.)

What did you think of this movie?


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