Winter is here!!!!!

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Tv
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Wow! So what did you think of this weeks Game of Thrones?! 


Ok so Tyrion has rose to power again, well at least momentarily. 

Of course the biggest thing was the crows finally made it to the wildlings. Of course they are divided. Most decide they’d rather die than go on the boats for fear it was a trick. 

Well actually the biggest thing was the totally awesome fight scene between the wildlings, crows and white walkers(army). 

During the battle Matt made a comment about how good the “zombies” looked. 

I said well considering how well the walking dead does with their “zombies” it would be pretty bad if an HBO show was shown up on something like the undead. It had to have at least been on par with theirs otherwise they’d have been a mockery. 

Who could sense that something was gonna happen to the woman who agreed to go, at least once she sent her kids off? 

I figured she was gonna die but I don’t think in my wildest of dreams I could have imagined she would have died at the hands of kid “zombies”. 

Somehow kid “zombies” always just slip my mind. Your’ think with how shocking the site of one is that it’d be ingrained but I suppose not. 

Anyways what was your favorite/ least favorite part of this episode? 


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