Kill the boy!! 

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Tv
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Yes it’s my favorite day of the week. When I get to discuss the awesome show from Sunday night. Unfortunately we still have a several months until The Walking Dead returns and at least one more for Fear the Walking Dead. 

Who is excited to see that? I saw a clip today of some of the people involved and knowing that it’s the same people from the walking Dead fills me with so much more confidence in the spin-off. 

Until they start/return let’s discuss Game of Thrones. 


I wanted to watch this last night and then have it post bright and early this morning, but unfortunately our Xbox would not cooperate. 

So here we go. My thoughts while I watch it. 

So obviously there will be 


I love the opening music. Whoever came up with is amazing. If I was wearing a hat I would tip it for him/her. 

Also, we can’t forget George R.R. Martin for which I would be talking about who knows what right now. 

Now on with the show. 

Oh, He died! :-/  “butchered by cowards!”

I can’t wait to see the justice. Wow they had some bbq. I suppose use whatcha got. 

You know after they kind of sort of but not really attacked her I was worried she was just gonna leave them down there to rot. This is better. 

“Don’t want to over feed them.” What?! I get it’s a show and there’s plenty of time we haven’t seen (as well as it fits) but I’m pretty sure they could eat everyone in that room and still have a bit of room for dessert. 

I love the old man. What a statement! “Kill the boy and let the man be born.” 

Jon Snow is speaks wisely. Isn’t that something we face now a days. Innocent  Women/men and children killed tortured because someone won’t accept peace. 

So if I understand this they either let them come south and have farm land, or they die at the hand of the white walkers and then become one.

Is that correct I swear we saw someone a few seasons ago that became like a zombie. 

Wow if words could kill I think that boys, ” lord commander”, would have been at least a backhanded slap. 

Even though he is a d*ck at least mini Bolton is honest. 

And we are back to him being a d*ck. I’m not sure there’s any other side to him. 

Sansa is way too trusting. I would have made that girl go in front of me. However, it’s probably just visual that will destroy her. Let’s see……

Hmm Theon I think I would rather a different “present”. 

Anyone else afraid he was gonna lose a finger? 

May their wedding be as wonderful as the others before it. 

Terrible terrible(terribly humorous) “a new man, well a new person anyway.” Quite wicked that one.(Bolton) 

He had been whipped clean. Do you think he even remembers not killing her brothers? 

Wow! I can not wait to see Bolton get his just desserts. Hahaha their having a baby what great news. 

Wow daddy Bolton is just as rotten. I guess that Apple really didn’t fall far. 

Can’t you just feel the love pouring from daddy Bolton. Almost brings a tear to my eye.


Does Sam seem sad to you? Terrible situation to live with the woman you love and never “love” her. 

Reopening the fighting pits! I already gave my opinion on that. 

She said she would marry an ancient family how crazy would it be is she were to marry Tyrion? My two favorite people together… 

heck yeah!!! 

Valeria would have been magnificent in its hay day. Although I love the look of ruins. 

Wow that was creepy. Stone men?! Are they a take on medusa? So since I saw blood I guess they aren’t stone all the way through.

Oh grayscale. Better than the stone man thing. He got touch!! Oy vey!! 



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