Game of thrones

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Tv
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Well This week has some craziness.

 Jamie lannister made it to his destination. Where he kind of kicked some butt. Rather nice at this point that he had that gold/iron hand. If had hadn’t already lost it he certainly would have in this weeks episode. 

A group of women plan on starting a war. I would probably support their bad*ss(ness) under different circumstances. However to kill an innocent girl is beyond my support. 

Little finger got called away. I am curious what Cersei wants with him. Thankfully he slightly showed his hand before he left. Stating that he is hoping she(Sansa) will be the wardeness sans the man preferably. 

Sansa and Jon though miles and miles apart they are both dealing with the Bolton. I commend Sansa I don’t think include constantly be at my childhood home with the man that killed my brother. While also be betrothed to his “bastard” son. 

 Daenerys had only a moment onscreen hearing wonderful stories from her long time family guard.  Because of this seemingly out of place moment I predicted that he would die. Well I believe it ended before his status could be confirmed. However that does bring me to… 

Sons of the Harpy. If you have watched the previous episodes this season then you already know they have been performing a slight  coup d’etat. Well this episode threw that slight out the window. Since their motivation seems to be to put things back the way they were I can only assume the sullied massacre was the first big step. How do you stop a person/persons when you have no idea if they are male/female, rich/poor? 

Tyron had been my favorite character over the previous seasons with his witty wise cracks. I probably should have known but last week when he was kidnapped I was a bit worried he would be taken to Cersei, given that he said he was taking him to the queen. 

Thank goodness he wasn’t 

I liked this episode more than the previous. I hope that the next 6 episodes just keep getting better and ending with a spectacular season finale. 

I’m talking red wedding spectacular. 


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