Jupiter Ascending

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Movies
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Well hello there.

How are you guys this morning/night?

After the random spring snow storm last week its looking like spring again. Which means camping season is rapidly approaching. Anyone else excited?

The first time I went camping was about 9 years ago. Thankfully, it didn’t scare me off, because I love it.


In honor of our movie adventure last night lets check out some similarly rated movies





Although critics praised the visuals, world-building, and originality, the general attitude toward the film was negative, with most criticism focused on incoherence in the screenplay and an over-reliance on special effects.[13][14] Despite this, the film has found a niche following, particularly among female sci-fi fans who appreciate the film’s campiness, and that the film deviates from typical gender dynamics in a genre that is traditionally male-centric.-wikipedia

Well, as a female sci-fi fan I can say this wasn’t  Now, the sappy part of me does love love stories. However, even I can’t deny the awkwardness of this love story. Several “love” scenes were forced. There is a scene in which she is justifying her love for the non-royal, mog. Channing’s character says he has more in common with a dog then Mila’s character and Mila says, “I love dogs, I’ve always loved dogs”. Really?! These are the lines your spewing to guys, no wonder your not in a relationship(no I am saying she needs a man).

There are so many things in this movie, that confused and yet humored me. Mila’s character mentions at least once about how she is always falling for the terrible guys. Yet, she doesn’t question when she falls in love with her rescuer/captor in less than 2 days. She kind of had the damsel in distress thing going on. Like most(cough–disney) princesses whose, white knight comes to save her.

Lets move away from the romance/stockholm syndrome.

Pro: Big name actors.

Con: Could have gotten lesser known actors spent less money on this and put it towards other things.

Pro: The idea of an alien city being behind the storm on Jupiter was neat.

Con: ……………..

Pro: They have flying jet ski’s

Con: Seemed unnecessary. Since, they have “flying boots”. Also, don’t understand why they go invisible in certain parts and stay visible in others. For instance the field, why the heck is she visible until they are almost upon the farm house. Seems you would want to not let them know your coming.

Pros: Villians

Cons: Not a big fan of the Mario Bros/Wizard of Oz crossover.


Blog-OZ-blue-monkey-and-witch super-mario-monster

I found the cgi to mostly be terrible one of the worst I have seen. I agree that they definitely depended on special effects to much. I understand it was a scifi film, but its a challenge they took on and should have made superb.

Matthew commented on the big fight scene in Chicago.

Where the heck was the military. With all the buildings being detroyed it looked like it was a massive terriorist attack. Now, they attmept to explain this later where the buildings are being repaired and Channing tells Mila’s character that she has a picture on her phone she doesn’t remember taking.

Ok well, at what point did the memories get erased. I understand it was pretty instanteous for Mila after she took the pic, was it the same for the citizens/military? I suppose that it would have to be. They whipped her memory the second they found out she was in the closet.

Over all I think I would give it a 4.

It was an interesting concept, executed in a lackluster way.



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