The Last Man on Earth

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Tv
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Today is tv Tuesday.

I posted about Game of Thrones yesterday, not sure how much I have to say about, “The Last Man on Earth”, but its crazy hot in our house cause I am making bread and I am trying to avoid getting pizza…..seeย

The Last Man on Earth is at this point not even close to being accurate. This last episode we were introduced to another guy.

Phil Miller

I do not like Phil Miller, up until last week he was a terrible person. If we are being honest he was even a terrible person for 1 of last weeks episodes. He has done nothing but lie and attempt to cheat on his wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the craziness that they have only been married 3 weeks and they only knew each other something like 3 days when they finally got hitched. I also understand that if he had been the last man he would need to “mate” with both of them to even hope to grow the population. Even though, it probably wouldn’t have works anyways. My issue stems more from after Todd got there as well as how he went about the whole thing. Plus his hiding of the new girls and then going skinny dipping. You could ask Matt I am a pretty relaxed, i guess is the word, wife, but thats one thing I, well he as well, can’t get past.

Did I just lose cool points?

Probably not, because I didn’t have any. ๐Ÿ™‚

He started to redeem himself over the last 2 episodes, however, he messed it up again when he went up on that Billboard.

Its like instant karma.


I personally think she is a bit off. Not like she will kill me in my sleep off, but like she had a lot of cats and rarely went outside before this whole ordeal.

I love to hear her “properly” say things, because it sounds completely wrong.

I can only assume its because no one speaks correctly.


I love that he arrive and was basically the good guy. He didn’t have much competition in the begining. I mean Phil basically did everything the stupid way and all he had to do was just do one thing the smart way and he would have been higher up.

It was great to see him slightly step into Phil’s shoes for a night, with the arrival of the new guy.


She is a tough cookie to describe. On one hand she is awesome because she finally saw Phil’s crap and lies. Then on the other hand she kind of approaches Phil in a hostel way. Maybe that is just what he needed though.

New girls and Phil are too new in my opinion to really comment on.

Although, I love that the third guy was model like.

Not only that seems like an all around good guy.

Swoon, Swoon Swoon

go the girls. ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a great day/night all.


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