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Posted: April 20, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys I know its late but I said I would “see” you today. I decided to write this late so that people would have a chance to watch it. That and today was surprisingly busy for me.

Lets recap, last week Dani went to see her dragons, well 2 of them. I would normally say it wasn’t a warm welcoming but it kind of was. You know the fire and what not. The citizens of her city want to have a fighting ring. She says no.

Tyrion firstly discusses his time in a box. Shoving feces through a hole. Lovely…. Then later is presented with the opportunity to go and meet dani. She agreed to go but said he was drink his way there. Considering how long that trip probably is, its not that bad of a plan.

John Snow trains other members of the Night’s Watch. He is presented with the task of getting the wildling king to take a knee for Stannis.

Speaking of Stannis, he is at the top of the wall. He still seems to be the Red Witches puppet.(G-rated version) Tries to kill the wildling king with fire. Glad we moved past the Salem witch trials and such. What a terrible way to go. Oddly enough Matt said thats gotta be the worst way to go. I then said yeah, that or maybe having your extremities tied up and then pulled until you look like Stretch Armstrong, and then……you don’t.

We briefly saw Sansa, Arya, and etc

This weeks episode.


We still only briefly see Sansa. She continues to hang out with Little Finger. I don’t trust him, but thus far he seems a leap ahead of Joffery. So possibly a winner. I understand why she turned down Brienne. What would make her mother think that after everything she has been through that she would just agree to have some random person guard her? Especially, although she obviously couldn’t have predicted this part, when she was her mothers guard when she died.

Tyrion, awesomely is doing exactly what he said he would do, drinking his way to meet Dani. How crazy is it, that Cersei has hunters out looking for every Dwarf in the kingdom. :-/

John Snow gets a great deal. To no longer be a Snow, but an official Stark. Personally I find it kind of crazy that they have separate last names. Seems like it would have been rather confusing. Then again, probably not.  Also, with all his badassness he gets voted leader or something along those lines of the nights watch. Thanks to Sam. That saying about needing a Sam on your journey is very true.

Dani, Dani, Dani. What a crazy time for her. Last week one of the unsullied got murdered. This week we find out who may have done it. Don’t know cause he never got his damn trial. Do you agree with Dani showing no mercy?

I am glad to say that I am thankful to not have to make decisions like that. Matt says he would have given him mercy. I feel its tricky.  If she shows him mercy it would be as though she is favoring the “slaves” while if she didn’t show him mercy she is being fair, but creating a problem with the “slaves”.

I think I would have done what she did. Doesn’t make you liked, but you can’t preach about justice and freedom and go against, it when someone acts up just because of your personal feelings.

I am thankful that this is just a show, because I can say I would do this stuff, but if it were real life I can’t say I would make the same decision.

Oh yeah, Dani’s other Dragon came home. Is this good news or bad?

Well, its late my laptop is about to die. So good night all. Have a great day/night.


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