GOT Season Premiere/ First Session of BrainCore

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Tv
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Good Morning.

How is your day going?

My plans for the day took an unexpected turn. I was suppose to take Kylee in for her section BrainCore session. However, it decided to snow quite a bit over night. Which, means I won’t be going because people tend to drive like the roads are dry.

So that means a nice cozy day at home with my babies watching planet earth and blogging.


Took Kylee to her first session of the BrainCore Therapy. I think I am gonna give it a try, but for now I will simply talk about what I witnessed.

Yesterdays session involved her first watching a few videos. According to Mark it doesn’t matter what she watches. Even saying that I could bring in some of her favorite movies to watch. As I stated yesterday I at this point I am pretty sketpical.

Watching the screen with the videos playing I saw that the screen would change from bright to dark. From reading a bit(minimal) about the process and Kylee asking Mark why it kept doing that I learned why. The thought is that our brains have a desire to see things clearly. So it forces the “dysfuncinal” part of the brain to work in order to see the video clearly. With continued sessions it should make it to where the (dysfuncional) parts of the brain that were usually high/low functioning begin functioning on normal levels.


Game of Thrones


Who was excited to see the season premiere?

I for one was very excited. Especially since Shameless and the Walking Dead have both ended for the season. By the end I felt kind of let down. I feel we really didn’t get much of a story. We kind of just saw most people for a moment. For instance Brienne, basically we say her try to brush off the boy.


Little Finger and Sansa

Not too much going on. Little Finger being his usually devious self. I could be mistaken but I believe they dropped Sansa’s cousin off at that Knight training place. I can’t imagine who else that would be, especially since the kid seemed rather pampered.

I am beyond glad to see Sansa doing something beside whining. You begged your damn dad to make the boy you barely know your betroded and then you freak out because he turns out to be literally be psycho. Even my 7 year old daughter knows moving in and trying to marry a person you don’t even know is a bad idea.


Crazy Queen


King Slayer


Continues to show just how much she loves her little brother. Which is not at all of course. Calling him a monster and several other things.

Meanwhile, Jamie is concerned about their place in the kingdom. For good reason. Who wouldn’t want to overthrow that pampered poodles.


Shall we call him the

Sh*t Slayer?


We see a beat and broken man. Last we saw of him he was killing his traitorist lover and his father. Which, was an awesome seen. What better place for a piece of sh** than the toilet.

Lets just talk for a moment about having to shove your feces out of the whole of a box. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Of course, if your wanted dead/alive you would probably do just about whatever it took to get safetly as far from that situation as possible.

The question then would be which would be worse, shoving your feces out a hole or having to clean up after someone else? :-/


Mother of ………..
Her people are asking for a fighting circle(can’t remember the exact name they used). I personally don’t see a problem with it if the fighters all choose to be in the ring fighting. Maybe thats why I am not a queen, well that and unfortuantly the U.S has no royalty.
However, none of her troubles matter. At least not when you compare it to the fact that the mother of dragons is afraid of her “children”. I didn’t understand why she went into the dungeon without a light in the first place. Maybe they were just using their fire to better see her with. Gonna be kind of hard to take over a kingdom without the support of the dragons you claim to be the mother of.
Let me just say we are super excited for a team up of Tyrion and Danerys.
You know nothing
Jon Snow
Seems he may have risen in the ranks a bit. He is teaching everyone how to fight. In additon to the training we see him forced to kill a man, as well as try and unite the wildlings and Stannis.
Speaking of Stannis, I don’t feel he makes a good Leader. Maybe its because that red witch keeps speaking for him. Is that how its suppose to be, important people have people speak for them?
However, I suppose I should give him props for not backing down on his threat to kill the wildling leader.
I would love to give him props for becoming an amazing leader, and not backing down. However, it doesn’t feel or look that way to me. It looks more like he is the red witch’s damn puppet.
Which, team are you on?
Yes I did just realized how this might have sounded like the whole Twilight team thing, but lets go with it anyways.
Have a great day guys.
Any show suggestions?


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