The Cobbler, BrainCore, The Poltergeist

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Movies
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Hey Guys!

It has been a while. It seems I have been super busy lately. Holidays, birthday parties, home renovations, etc.

Yesterday, I went to my father in laws office to try BrainCore “Therapy” on/for our daughter. Have you heard of this? I know minimal about it.

From what I experienced yesterday and what Mark(f.i.l) has told us.

Kylee seems to have ADHD much like her daddy, and at times is literally bouncing off the wall. Its funny to me when the in-laws babysit them and they say shes exhausting. I mainly just smile and nod. However, we don’t want to put her on meds for it, and Matt’s dad suggested this  therapy.

His explanation was that a cap with electrodes are placed on your head and then that/a software are used to map brainwaves. I believe the doctor(Mark in this case) looks for unusual readings. Then over the course of several sessions these readings are (attempted) brought to a more normal reading.

We are very skeptical about it helping. However, I thus far haven’t seen a reason to not at least try. I could be crazy myself, but as much as I don’t want her literally bounce off the walls the idea of her being different is weird for me.

In case you are interested in learning more: BrainCore

Would you ever try it?


The Cobbler

(Because Matt and I have unfortunatly been too busy to watch GOT. 😦 Hopefully tonight!!)


Tagline: “Saving the neighborhood one sole at a time”.

As you can see Adam Sandler plays The Cobbler. He is in a run down neighborhood and big wigs are trying to buy it up and  make a profit. In the midst of all that Adam Sandlers character finds a “magical” machine that is used for repairing shoes, it allows him to literally walk a mile in someone elses shoes.

I am not really sure what to say about this movie. I feel its another “fall from grace” movie for Adam Sandler. If you are interested in watching a sad guy, who is bored with his life walk in other peoples shoes thus leading to him finding his life then this may be for you.

I wasn’t thrilled with the movie. However, I knew based on the preview it wasn’t going to be mindblowing or anything like that.

I would have to give it a 5/10


I am so tired of movies being remade. Especially when they were so good to begin with. I guess that just goes with the times right. Thats why this movie has so many of the common things in horror movies now days. What the hell were the little creature looking things in the closet or wherever that was suppose to be. The original movie was great because 1 the acting was good. It didn’t seem forced or maybe just bad acting. 2, it could just be me but the dad in this remake doesn’t scream dad role to me. The little girl Heather O’ Rourke was great. I believe this is the movie where they said she did so well the adult actors kept telling her it was not real. (If its another movie I am remembering let me know).

Since I am so opposed to this new one, I think I might have to make a video (a movie off), once its out.


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