The Walking Dead Season Finale “Conquer”

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Tv
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I am writing this while I watch this episode.

Lets get started.



Took all dang season but we finally get to see what the heck happened to Morgan.

Did his son give him that rabbits foot? He smiled at it like it meant something to him.

Holy crap. Morgan kicked their asses. Who knew he was such a badass? Previously he kind of just seemed like a shut in kook.

I would definitely want him on my zombie survival team.


He saved Aaron and Daryl. Yah! Freaked me out when that zombie’s head splattered. I thought it was those bad guys that note talked about.


Well, as of now it looks like Rick is out on the plank. I am interested to see why Carol threw him under the bus. I really hope its not because they are being divided. Because as of right now it looks like Michone is on the outside of the group, and Carol is trying to keep her out of the loop.


I have liked her from the start, but this beginning scene is making me concerned about them talking in front of her. eek! Did they just make a mistake? Carols right Michone did knock him out. Did she do it cause she had to, for appearances. Did she do it because he was in the wrong? Did she do it, because she is assimilating?

“That was for you, not them.”

Yah! Michone is still awesome.

This scene with her an Rick before the forum, may have made me like her more.

She is a badass, and she knows is, but she is a badass with a level head. Which, I suppose in this (apocalypse) day and age would be hard to find. So many hot heads around. The rest of the group could stand to take a page from her book.


I don’t even know what to say. “These people are children and children like stories”. Tie that into what I said above about Carol lieing in front of Michone. Does that mean she feels Michone is being a child?

“Oh Sunshine you don’t get both”. I am loving her lines in this episode.

She may have progressed to be the most scary of the bunch. She is passing out threats like they are candy, and weaving her web like her name is Charlotte.


I haven’t really ever been a fan of her. Not really sure why, she seems like a filler character. Like this scene of her lying in the zombie grave. Is this important or is it simply something to keep her storyline going until she makes some impact on the bigger characters. Maybe its simply to show us even in the apocalypse people can suffer from depression. I do not know but her storyline is boring to me.


Mr. Dixon has almost been non-existent on the show since they got to Alexandria. I wonder if Rick should have discussed what was going on with Jessie with him. Maybe have gotten a better idea instead of sticking our heads in the ground because he is a damn doctor or killing him.


“They will die without us.”Β  He has grown wise in these few years. Long way from the, “Carl get in the house”, days. Although, I suppose Rick did just say he is staying home.


Just wanted to give him props for taking down a walker with a license plate.


I understand seeing a crazy person doing something that seems crazy may peek your interest. However, at no point did he stop to think hey maybe this crazy persons crazy antics are to kill me? Why the hell did he not just go back to the community once he was shot? He had to go an attack the crazy guy.

Wow, Glenn faced with killing the person who for all intents and purposes killed someone he cared about, and he didn’t. Man’s got some good character.


What a terrible terrible character. Not the writing of course generally good writing. The character of the character. There doesn’t seem to be any redeeming qualities about him. Unless, you count that he seems to feel guilty for everything .

Always so wrapped up in his crap, he could have killed someone. Not sure yet. Haven’t finished the episode yet.

Abraham & Eugene:

Apologizes all around. Favorite line, “I almost killed you.” “Yes, theres that.”Β  like it was nothing.

Abraham is such a mans man. “Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about.”


Norman Reedus has posted the last few weeks that the season finale was gonna be intense. Truth be told the episode didn’t feel very intense to me. That is until the final scene. Wow!! Morgan and Rick finally meet up again. This time it almost seems as though they swapped personalities through the seasons.

Michone was right. Something did happen, and I am glad they told him to wait. Because, that all was probably what was needed to get these people where they need to be.


Ok enough of my ramblings.

Have a great day guys.

P.s Lets all wish that October will be next month. lol


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