Posted: March 20, 2015 in Random
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Hey guys

I know it has been a few days since I have been on here or on social media.

I can’t remember if I posted on here about it. Last Saturday night our cat Meowfred


decided to get out an open door or window and be gone for a few days.

Well, Tuesday night/morning, it was about 1:30 am, Maya


woke me up to let her outside. This isn’t unusual. Neither is me wanting to go back to sleep and her running off to back at something. Well, this time she refused to come in and I kept hearing something hitting the fence. So I ran and got Matthew flashlight and went to see if Meowfred was stuck on the fence next door. Well unfortunatly he wasn’t. I found him lying on the ground about 10 feet from our yard in our neighbors yard. Our neighbors dogs, pitbull & Mastiff had attacked him. He meowed when I called his name. So I ran and yelled for Matthew. He went next door and grabbed him. Once home, I briefly looked him over, and he appeared to have minimal blood. I kid you not I only saw a drop of blood in one spot.Β  So we search for a 24 hour vet. Thankfully, there was one, but it was 20 minutes away. We all hop in the car and I am holding him and talking to him trying to keep him calm and awake. During the trip, while in my arms he kept moving. Trying to get up and go. At one point Matthew told him he needed to lay down, we were almost there. Meowfred in his usual way meowed back as though he was talking to us. Within 5 minutes of this and maybe 3 minutes from the vet Meowfred died in my arms.

I have read that people who don’t have pets can’t really understand our feelings. Thats fine. I am not really writing to make you feel what I am feeling. It has just been really hard for me, and I am hoping that maybe this can help me feel a bit better, as well as to explain my absence.


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