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Hey guys.

What did you think of this weeks Walking Dead?


I believe there was 3 main story-lines this week.

First up is the one that at this moment in time may be the smallest but probably will end up playing a huge role in the season finale.

Father Gabriel: He seems to be having a mental break down in the beginning of the episode. Ripping half the pages out of the bible. I can only assume it was the new testament. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out what his reasoning was. I can’t help but feel its suppose to be something with forgiveness and eye for an eye type stuff. Maybe? I don’t know.

The reason I say maybe it has to do with eye for an eye is because of his actions later. Where he goes to the leader/governess/president of Alexandria, and informs her that Ricks gang are bad people, have done terrible things. In which I say he is one to talk. Locking people out of the church. Truth be told that could be deemed worse than anything Rick and them have done. They have done what they needed to to make sure the group survived. Protecting each other. Whereas he simply saved his own skin, by turning his back on people who came to him for help.

What are your thoughts on what he did in this episode?

Next up

Carol & Sam: I must admit when they(the gang) first arrived a few weeks ago and she was doing the interview and then put on the pta “uniform”, I was like WTF. Stating that she missed the big lug and whatever. This episode reminded us what she had gone through with the big lug. At the time I figured well maybe she does miss him. I know people who have been in abusive relationships and still miss the abuser when they are split up and will even later get back with them.

In the episodes since we have seen she is simply pretending to assimilate. Their story starts with Sam showing up in her pantry. Not sure why the kid would want to be anywhere near her after the threat she gave him. But alas he wants some cookies. Although maybe it isn’t so much about the cookies as it is Carol. Maybe he saw something in her that made him think she could/would help him.

Carol tells Rick that he needs to kill Sam’s Dad. This is one part I am torn on. I understand the d-bag won’t stop doing it. So going and saying, “hey i know what you are doing. If you could stop that’d be great”(Anyone else picture …

Not really sure what kind of jail, if any, they have in Alexandria. I think maybe exile would be a good option. However, then you may have the kids or wife choosing to leave with him.

What do you think, should they kill the guy?

Next up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Tara, Eugene, Glenn, and Noah with those other people

I was slightly shocked by this part. It seemed if anyone was going to die it would be Eugene. With his cowardice. I think we can all agree that it was pretty obvious the d-bag sons were the cause of the last groups deaths.

Especially after the whole this zombie killed our friends lets capture him again and “toruture” him. Which, seems idiotic. Do they not realize the decaying man who ripped skin offย  when he fell from the chain is dead or a reanimated corpse? Do they have some twisted rose colored glasses? Cause torturing him doesn’t do anything.

The guy blows up a zombie and impales himself, knocks everyone else back. Tara hits her head, and is possibly close to death. Eugene nearly gets bit, but only after he hesitated to shoot the zombie heading for Tara. Meanwhile, the other brother supposedly checks to see if his impaled brother has a pulse. Do you think he was momentarily dead/didn’t check/or that he checked and simply decided to leave him?

I must say by the end I was pretty proud of Eugene. Stepped up and did what needed to be done. Sadly Noah and Glenn get trapped in the revolving door with the living brother. Who only cares about his butt. What a terrible way for Noah to go. Terrible experience for Glenn to watch him be eaten. I do feel that scene was off though. Don’t let go, and then bye bye Noah.


Whats going to happen? Gabriel gave his warning. So Glenn and that group returning from their trip with one brother dead, and the other unconscious, doesn’t look good. Rick/Carol possibly going to talk about killing that guy. Or heck him doing it without talking to anyone else. Maybe Sam will get a gun and do it himself.

I am pretty sure their stay in Alexandria is over or they will do what Rick said and take it. Which, I would say would be a better option than going back out into the “real world”.ย  Plus, I doubt it would be too hard to take over Alexandria. Unless, they aren’t what they seem. The 3 runs, that we know of, the brothers have been on someone has died or nearly been bitten. So how the heck do they keep having foods, and other supplies? They aren’t the smartest cookies in the cookie jar.


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