My Weekend

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Random
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With all the craziness of last weeks editing, I decided I wouldn’t make the youtube video the main log. Is that how you would say that. Cause this is a blog and youtube would be a vlog? So take of the b/v.


Matthew thankfully had a 3 day weekend this week from his day job. Which, in general was great. I love having him home. Friday was pretty good. Split up by World of Warcraft and just laying around watching stuff. We also took a random drive. It didn’t start out random we were taking the kids to the park and dropping some books off at the library. However, 5 minutes from the library Matt got the inkling to take a little adventure. Which, I found funny because I had wanted one as well, but mine had involved hiking. We are hoping to go fishing soonish. Weather here in Utah has been pretty nice.

Saturday started out fine. I went to start some laundry and randomly saw that there was some lights on our water heater. I told Matthew and he just figured it was something I hadn’t noticed before, and went back to Wow. Well about 6 hours later he then found out we had no hot water. We went online to try and find information about the code, but unless your a plumber the information isn’t exactly helpful. We basically found out the name to one thing each hour. Once we found out what it was we had to search to find out how it worked/what it did. When even youtube can’t give you a definitive answer your kind of up a creek. Finally after Matt removing the draft inducer


He felt we should drain the tank.

Well, I don’t know if you remember this blog post. In which I talk about how our water softener had broke. Well it turns out our water heater got the majority of the dang beads and we just didn’t know it. We probably emptied out 2 largish buckets full of the beads from the tank. Truth be told at this point we figured it would have been fixed. Matthew hooks everything back together and turns it on and it works. Yay!!! Within about  a minute he realizes that he hadn’t hooked up the exhaust vent, and quickly does that. Thankfully the gas has the smell or I wouldn’t be writing this right now. During this evening we had gone inside and outside a lot. The first time we open the door, we find out cat sitting there waiting to come in. Meowfred..


He isn’t suppose to be outside. We figure the kids just left the door open and he had escaped, and continued on with our work. So, the water heater seems to be working fine. Matthew and I agree to take turns checking it for gas throughout the night. I go down to check it and he(Matthew) suggests turning it up to normal, from vacation. I do this, and we then get the error code again. So I just turn it off and go to bed. We get up yesterday morning and Matthew turns in on again. Remembering that the error code had gone away and it had worked when he had left the vent unattached he went outside to the exhaust vent. Which he had found a branch sticking out of the night before. Courtesy of our kids. Well as it turns out they had put a few more items in the vent. I am happy to say it is all working swimmingly now.

However, Matthew had come back inside and did a few things and then asked where Meowfred was. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me that he hadn’t been sitting in the kitchen meowing for me to get him food. As it turns out he must have gotten out the night before. With him sitting by me as I emptied out the tank and everything else, it didn’t occur to me that he may have come upstairs with us, and then proceeded to jump out the window the kids had left wide open, that I had closed the night before. Not much story for this but sadly it has now been around 30 hours since we have seen him.

If you live in Utah and you happen to find him, please let us know. Also, if you share this maybe we can use the power of the internet to get him home.

Have a good day guys.


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