Into the Woods

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Movies
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I had been curious about this movie. I probably should have been tipped off on its quality by the fact that I hadn’t heard anything about it. I tried watching this with Matthew, however, after the first minute of singing he gave me the look. Do you know the look? The I can’t believe I am sitting here watching this p.o.s look. In all fairness I understood where he was coming from. I kind of gave him the look back. After he had left I stuck it out for about an hour and 15 minutes, when it seemed to be over. The inital story had pretty much concluded, and thats when I realized it wasn’t going to be over for another hour. That is when I also decided to give up on the movie.

Conclusion: Pass Pass Pass

I can’t think of a worse Disney movie.

It has nothing to do with it being a musical. I generally like musicals. Good ones of course. Just like with movies, just because its popular doesn’t mean I blindly see it as good. Just because I may like one musical doesn’t mean they are all worth my time.

While watching this I realized the prince is a bit stupid. He danced with this girl for who knows how many hours for 3 nights. Why in the heck did he need the damn shoe to make certain it was that girl? Was it simply a Clark Kent/Superman situation? Mess up your hair and add glasses and your a whole new person.

Something, I was surprised by and slightly pleased they put in the movie. Was that they stayed true to the Cinderella story, where the crazy step sisters lop off parts of their feet to make the slipper fit.


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