Posted: March 11, 2015 in Tv
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With all the video editing trouble I have been having obviously I didn’t record a video for twd.

Lets talk about it though.


Secret meetings: Its good to see that the group are not just jumping in head first. Who do you think took the gun btw? Naturally the thought is someone in Alexandria, because Aaron said at least he was watching them. However, I was thinking maybe it could have been Morgan.

I can’t remember if it was this episode or not, but Rick said the people of Alexandria were lucky and they just got even luckier with them now there. I am not sure exactly how long the series is suppose to have taken place, but they have been out there that whole time. Even in the prison there wasn’t really as much comfort as there is in Alexandria so they were never able to get as soft. The senator or governess whatever her title had formerly been said the army or whoever had put her there in the beginning. Which means she knows nothing about what its like out there.

We watch the show and at least I think it could survive, but unfortunately that is something I won’t know until I am knee deep in it.

This episode we see Sasha have a slight break down. Now I couldn’t hear anything when she was shooting at the pictures, and then proceeded to look around. Was she hearing something or was she simply on edge?

Later we see Sasha at the gathering/party and she is still on the edge of her mental break down. Random woman starts going on about being worried about making the wrong food. Truth be told I would probably have snapped at her too. After everything with Bob, Beth and Tyreese. Its understandable that now that they can “catch their breathe” that she would have to deal with it. I feel Maggie has taken the opposite approach and has entered the lovely land of denial or suppression.

Daryl bringing his guard down?! Its kind of funny because there is so many sayings you could attribute to this situation(Alexandria). Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. as well as Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Daryl has been the most standoffish with the fellow Alexandrians. Which, is a great place to be. We all saw what happened, I believe last time there was a “party” on the show. If I recall wasn’t there beer and suppose to be a party in Woodbury? It has been a while. Andrea was so excited to find Woodbury and jump into that ship that she wasn’t cautious at all. Lets hope that Daryl will still be cautious now that he has this new job, and bike.

Carol!! I suppose I should be shocked by her actions, but lets be honest after

We can all assume she is willing to do WHATEVER is needed. Including kidnapping that boy and doing everything she said to him. She was rather terrifying though wasn’t she? She became most parents worst nightmare.

Rick: What is up with this guy. I suppose it has been a while for certain “stuff and thangs”. Maybe that is why he has taking such a quick liking to this married woman. Who btw unless I missed it, she never mentioned her husband. Which, to me says she has a thing for Rick to.

He kissed her. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad, nothing more than PG. The real craziness came out later, when he seemed to want to kill the guy for being with the girl he liked. He has reached a level of Shane.

Have a great day guys.

Tour Alexandria


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