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Posted: March 3, 2015 in Random
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**Info From the Appstore**

Splash Math makes math fun and engaging for kids. The app reinforces key math skills with an interactive, self-paced and adaptive math program. With 30 minutes, 4 times a week – you can sharpen your child’s math skills at every grade and skill level.

**Key Benefits**
1. Increase math confidence and competence
2. Helps kids master 71+ key math skills
3. Keeps you connected to your child’s progress
4. Fun, engaging and effective
5. Aligned to your school’s math curriculum

**Awards & Recognition’s for Splash Math Series**
Splash Math Program is currently used by over 9 million kids and has bagged several prestigious awards.
• Winner of “Gold Stevie Award” (2013) in “Education and Reference” category
• Winner of “Tabby Awards” (2012) in “Best Education and Training App” category
• Winner of “Best Elementary Student App” (2011) by BestAppEver.com
• Featured in Apple lists – “Staff Favorite”, “New and Newsworthy”

**Program Info**
Content Coverage: 71+ math concepts in Grade 2
Curriculum: Common Core State Standards

**Key Features of 2nd Grade Splash Math**
+ Self paced math practice program
+ Explanation for wrong answers
+ Scratchpad for rough work
+ Motivational rewards and games for correct answers
+ Monitor progress with real-time progress dashboard
+ Progress synced across multiple devices.
+ HD graphics and sound effects to give an amazing game play experience.
+ COPPA compliant

Requires in-App purchase for full access

**Curriculum Coverage**
StudyPad has the best math apps aligned to common core standards with virtually infinite number of questions. 2nd Grade Splash Math app covers following topics:

1. Place Value – Represent 3 Digit Numbers; understanding Place Value; Expanded Forms
2. Number Sense – Count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 100’s; Even, Odd numbers; Compare; Order numbers
3. Add within 20 – Addition sentences; Add two and three numbers; Word problems
4. Subtract within 20 – Relate addition and subtraction; Count back to subtract; Fact families; Word problems
5. Add within 100 – One and two digit addition and regrouping; Word problems
6. Subtract within 100 – One and two digit subtraction and regrouping; Word problems
7. Add within 1000 – Add multiples of 10, 100; One and two digit addition with three digit; Word problems
8. Subtract within 1000 – Subtract multiples of 10, 100; One and two digit subtraction with three digit; Subtract breaking up 10’s and 100’s; Word problems
9. Time – Tell time to quarter hours and 5 minutes
10. Money – Penny, nickel and dime; Value of coins; Add, subtract and count money; Compare and make amounts; Making change; Quarter and half dollar
11. Measurements – Estimate and measure length; Metric and customary units
12. Data – Read and represent data from line plots, picture graphs and bar graphs
13. Geometry – Two dimensional shapes; Partition shapes

**Other Apps in Splash Math Series**
+ Splash Math – Grades 1 to 5 App
+ Preschool and Kindergarten Math App
+ 1st Grade Math App
+ 2nd Grade Math App
+ 3rd Grade Math App
+ 4th Grade Math App
+ 5th Grade Math App

• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SplashMath
• Twitter: @splashmath
• Website: https://www.splashmath.com

Review: This is another product that I got to try for free. Well to be honest, my daughter tried it. She is in second grade so it seemed more fitting. Honestly, she hasn’t been too interested in it. She willingly tried it a few times, and it kept kicking her out. So I tried it thinking that maybe she was just saying that so she wouldn’t have to do Math and it did the same thing to me.

So I think I would have to give it a 3/5


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