Last Man on Earth

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Tv
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Good Morning.

I know I promised my 50 Shades of Grey movie review, and I hope to have to up today. Yesterday I recorded an almost 30 minute vlog and I am trying to cut it down to 5ish minutes.

Thus far I have probably only cut 5 minutes out.

I will let you know when it is out.


For I think about the last month I have briefly/subconsciously caught commercials of “The Last Man on Earth”. My initial thought was that could be funny, but there are so many shows that appear funny in commercials and then end up being stupid.

We said so many things during this show. Firstly, it was an ok show. We will watch the next episode. Which, says quite a bit for Matthew because he is kind of a show snob. He watches very very few tv shows. Whereas I am the exact opposite. I watch a ton of shows, and am very picky about the movies I watch.

Anyways, back to the things we talked about during the show.

Firstly: Where would each of us choose to live? We were both confused by him going back to his little apartment. Matthew said he would go to live in Bill Murray’s house.(lol)

I said I think I would move to farm country or somewhere like that. You have a ton of land already ready for you to plant whatever you need to survive.

Of course you could move to suburbia and use all of the lawns as your farm land.

You eventually see him move to a really nice neighborhood, and start unloading everything he grabbed. Truth be told, if everyone else was gone I would as well. It would be awesome to have a T-rex head or heck millions of first editions(which he didn’t get). He did however, remember to grab the Declaration of Independence. He whipped his mouth on it at one point, and Matthew seemed shocked. I told him, if your the last person its null.

Because, he I suppose is a fool may be the best way to put it, he makes the pool into his toilet. Matthew and I were both confused by this. We don’t work for the water company and therefore obviously don’t know what kind of work it takes to get water to a house. However, he didn’t even try to see if he could.

I found his margarita pool funny and then disgusting when he hoped into it. Although, I am sure it either has happened in the world somewhere, will now happen, or people will wish it would happen.

At the end of Part I the main character attempts to kill himself. I am sure most of  us if we were the last person would get to that point as well. I told Matthew, I felt that was a foolish way to go out. I love the idea of adventure, but to an extent I am afraid of getting hurt or well dieing. To be fair, the idea of leaving my kids motherless is what that has stemmed from.

However, if I was the last person, I would drive like its the freakin Indy 500 or backpack places I have always wanted to go. I told Matthew he should go to the Amazon or something.

Matthew kind of looked at me like I was crazy. He said why, if you get hurt there will be no one to help you. Yeah, I know. At least you went out seeing/doing amazing things.


Part II

We meet the last woman on Earth.

During the dream sequence I said to Matthew wouldn’t it be funny if the last 2 people on Earth hated each other. Then he came out of the dream sequence and it was true. The woman, seemed irritating. However, did inform many that we speak terribly. Prepositions everywhere. Such as,  turn the light off. WRONG! Although, I can’t remember what it was she said it sounded completely wrong.

He takes her back to his house that was basically a dump. I said I think I would get a dump truck park it down the road. Take my trash to it. Once its full, compact it until its completely full and then take it wherever  you wouldn’t smell it.

His Jenga tower was quite impressive. That is until we see that he was using glue.

It was slightly heartbreaking when he saw her preparing the fountain for her toilet.

We were very confused by how/why he did most things. Towards the end I told him statistically the last person on earth wouldn’t be some genius, rocket scientist etc. but some average Joe.

I love the contrast between the 2 characters. He is probably what most of us would be like to hell with everything, and I will do what I want. Whereas she is trying to go on as if the world is “normal”.

Conclusion: We are curious to where they will go with only 2 characters, and will definitely watch another episode.


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