Posted: February 25, 2015 in Tv
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Hey guys.


This weeks episode of the Walking Dead was called


Maggie and Sasha brought Aaron back to the barn.

I understand he could have killed them at any point instead of walking up to them, but lets me honest his whole goal could have been to get in the henhouse. After all the deaths I think I would have to be more cautious like Rick. Even without a weapon it doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done some damage. I feel like they are like kids who know they should be cautious of strangers but then just so oh well he didn’t kidnap us right away he must be ok.

Meanwhile Rick was the exact opposite. Completely cautious. I love how its written in a way that your always semi hesitant to trust strangers. For instance when he mentioned there was applesauce for Judith. Then when Rick tried to give him a bite he goes on about how he hates applesauce. By the way, forcing someone to eat a food they don’t like sound like a very strange way to make some be more manly.

Also, the intense part where they are in the car headed to the place and Michonne had looked at the pictures noticed there weren’t any people in them. His line about oh we took a group picture but it didn’t develop sounded like malarkey. Michonne jumps onto Ricks train and asks if they asked the questions. They hit the zombies and wow, that was gross. Pulling limbs out from under your hood. (HALLOWEEN IDEAS?!)

Then the flare goes off. Once he started freaking out about getting out, I was lost. I just realized he was probably freaking out because he knew Eric was the one to shoot it off. I know if Matthew were to have shot off an “SOS” flare I would have been trying to get to him at all costs.

In this episode we meet Aaron’s love/love interest. Eric, both seem like really nice guys. However, Rick was still very hesitant to trust them.

I hope his walls don’t come down completely, because that would be a foolish mistake on his part. Just because someone may seem like santa claus doesn’t mean its not krampus in disquise.

Anyways so this episode ended with Rick hearing that which he had not heard at Terminus or Woodbury, noise. Both places had previously been quite. This place they heard kids laughing.

I thought this weeks TWD was much better than last weeks.

Favorite: The car ramming all those walkers.

Least: Maggie and Sasha seeming like boneheads.

What did you think? Favorite/Least Favorite part?

p.s I loved how Michonne stood up and made her opinion heard.


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