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Hey guys, I wanted to do a vlog on for this post, which is why I am posting it a day late. However, after me hacking up a lung yesterday, thanks to this dang cold I think I will hold off.

Before I get to the movie(s) discussion here is our latest stuff.

Matt’s site:

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John Wick

Boondock Saints

Beast’s of the Southern Wild.


In addition to that Matt, Mike and Nate reviewed Birdman last friday.



Me: I haven’t done anything new but if you haven’t watched them please do so. Let me know what you think.

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Before I start my movie review I just want to say that I have not yet listened to the Terribly Disappointing podcast. So the only thing I know is what grades they gave it.



I am gonna start off by saying I didn’t like this movie. I didn’t hate it either, it was just ok. I know a lot of people think it is amazing. It just won a bunch of Oscars. One of which I believe was best picture.

All the actors did a wonderful job.

This movie is about Micheal Keatons character who formerly played birdman, attempting to regain his glory days by producing, maybe directing, and acting in a Broadway play. His estranged daughter, played by Emma Stone, is his assistant. I am not sure what role Zach Galifianakis played, he seemed to be Micheal Keaton’s characters manager.

From the get go you see that birdman is in Riggan’s(Micheal Keaton) mind. He talks to him through out the movie. The voice of birdman is quite pretentious, which I suppose could be seen from the first scene when you see Riggan levitating(ego elevated. Stretching?)ย  At one point during rehearsal Riggan didn’t like the acting of a cast mate. The cast mate is hit with a light and Riggan’s said he did it with is mind.

Emma Stone as stated above plays his estranged daughter. She spends parts of the movie, messing up his flower order. Another, telling him, he is nothing. Then when he(Riggans) performs a botched suicide…He tried to shoot himself onstage during a scene where his character was suppose to shoot himself. However, instead of killing himself, he shot off his nose instead. This is what brings Riggans, and Sam(Emma Stone) back together, just in time for him to seemingly commit suicide, by jumping out the window. However, this is in a way masked by Sam looking down at the ground and then up at the sky smiling.

Matthew is great at picking out stuff I don’t notice. He noticed quickly that it was shot in one take. Of course it wasn’t shot in one take. They used the “one-take illusion”.

Aside from a few shots near the beginning and end, Birdman appears to be filmed in a single shot, an idea the director had since the film’s conception. This required an atypical production approach, with many elements of post-production needing to be considered before principal photography. As a result the script took two years to write, the cast went through several weeks of meticulous rehearsals, and during shooting takes were cut for the slightest mishaps – wikipedia

The choice to make the film appear as a single shot, on the other hand, resulted from his realization that “we live our lives with no editing”. By presenting the film like this he could “submerge the protagonist in an ‘inescapable reality’ and take the audience with him.” – wikipedia

They actually did many shots forย  some scenes, because the slightest mistake threw everything off. I read that they had to redo one scene because Emma Stone came around a corner too fast.

Reading about the film has actually made me like the movie more.

I love that they chose to use steadicams, so they could walk with the actor and not have the black rails in the film. They opted for more handheld cameras so that they could get up close and personal with the actors. Such as one scene where they are almost touching Micheal Keatons face.

I suppose I would rate it a


The only thing that brought it down for me was the story. The actors were great, the cinematography was amazing. The story was lackluster for me.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it?

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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