Outskirts of Vision

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Books
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Outskirts of vision

Outskirts of Vision

Author: Nir Levie

Published: 10/03/14


Do city planners really have control over the success of the cities they design?

Ben is a young architect who suddenly appears in a dangerous, apocalyptic world. He knows what he’s doing there – He’s on a mission to investigate the city. The only person he gravitates towards and communicates with is a violent, rebellious anarchist. It soon becomes apparent that they both share knowledge about the city: They both know that it changes. The city’s plan, its buildings, roads, streets – everything changes, disappears and reappears elsewhere – suddenly and without warning.

Surprisingly, no other person is aware of the changes to the city but the two of them. Together they embark on a journey in which a new, futuristic world unfolds before them, while attempting to learn the reason behind the city’s transformations. Their journey will change the way they view the world.

ΛƒΛƒΛƒ A graphic novel about cities

Outskirts of Vision is a graphic novel about cities – What constitutes a “good” city? Do city planners really have control over the success of the cities they design? Is there a way to visit a city before it has been built? To know how it will develop beforehand?

Review:Β  Sadly this book had terrible font, which made it hard to read. As you probably already know, I am quite the fan of apocalyptic worlds.Β  This one stays with that suit. You follow the story of the protagonist Ben who travels around visiting cities that change. Its a unique take on a not so unique setting.




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