Posted: February 9, 2015 in Tv
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The show is finally back from the winter hiatus.

Spoilers…Spoilers Everywhere.








Where to start with this episode?

Firstly, it was nice to see some late loved heroes/villains.

I hate to say it, but I am kind of glad Tyreese is gone. Don’t get me wrong, he was sweet, and I liked him. However, this isn’t the world for him. As much as you may want to keep your humanity and gentleness this isn’t the place for it. Now obviously I am not talking about being the sickos who chopped those people in half and took their upper half. The Terminus guy said it well and I am gonna paraphrase. Basically, not wanting to live like this is not wanting to live.

In our non-apocalyptic world people say all the time that they would take a bullet or kill for someone they love. This world they live in  you have the opportunity to step up and prove it around every turn. Even with that jerk threatening to kill Judith, Tyrese didn’t have the “coldness” in him to do what, he later found out, should have been done.

For a brief return we saw the much loved/hated Governor. Its interesting to me. I use to hate the Governor. How can you have this in  you, to do the things he did?  However, he was just a “victim” of the situation. I am surprised to feel this way but I feel sympathetic towards him. Do you remember back in Woodbury when Milton was talking to the Governor and was saying he knew him before everything and how he wasn’t this cold/hard man he had become. The reason I feel so sympathetic is to an extent I have had my own growing/changing experience. I was 20 years old when Matt and I got married and about 5 months in we found out I was pregnant. Being the baby of my family, and the only kid living at home for about 6 years I probably got away with stuff I shouldn’t have and didn’t have any responsibilities. I spent many days while I was pregnant crying, terrified we wouldn’t be able to properly take care of our baby girl. This situation/process hardened me(some). I had to grow up quickly and learn I had to do what needed to be done so we could care/provide for our family.

Now, if you compare this to the Governor when all hell broke loose his options were to sit in his room crying and cowering or change and thrive. If he had done the former, Woodbury would have fallen long before it did. Everyone would have died early on. I truly believe at least in the beginning he cared about the citizens of Woodbury. However, as they say



He was the law, no one dared question him. The first person we see question him ends up taking his eye. The next two end up dead in his torture chamber.

All in all I felt this episode was just very melancholy. Noah finally makes his way home, to find his neighborhood/sanctuary is gone, and his mom and brothers are dead. Then Tyreese gets bit and dies. I don’t believe we have ever seen the group so beat down. I am anxious to see where it goes from here.

What are your thoughts, on the show, or everything I had to say?

Have a great day everyone.


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