Posted: February 3, 2015 in Movies
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Wow! So I got a notification from wordpress this morning.

Apparently, I started this blog a year ago today.

Happy Anniversary to us.

It took me a while to get into posting more than 2-3 times a month, but I think things are going better now. What do you think?

If you check out our first post let me know if you think I have improved.

Wow, now I feel kind of pressured to make this post some epic anniversary post.

I am not so sure I can handle the epicness requirements.


A few weeks ago, I was looking at ways to grow our business, networking, and such. I stumbled upon an article, which talked about a professor’s lesson on entrepreneurship(such a hard work for me to say). The lady talked to the students for a while and then gave each group an envelope with seed money in it. Told them they had something like 5 days to come up with a plan to make as much money as they could. However, once they opened the envelope they only had 2 hours to make the money.

The first group decided to provide a service. They would check students tire pressure for free(on campus) but would charge them $1.00 if it needed to be filled. At first they felt they were ripping the students off because they could have simply gone around the corner to the gas station and fill it up for free. However, after about the first hour they noticed that people were genuinely happy with this service. So instead of charging $1.00 the students asked for donations. I was surprised but, they actually made more money this way, because, people were happy with the service they generously donated.

The second group I assume is legal, I honestly don’t know. They went to restaurants on Friday or Saturday nights and they would make a reservation then they would sell their reservation to people who didn’t want to wait an hour or 2 for a table.

One of the lessons being that you don’t ever have to be without money in your pocket.

Which, maybe not the best role model for it, Jake Gyllenhaal’s character proved in the movie. He starts out the movie, as I suppose a petty theif. Would beating up a security guard and stealing his watch be petty? I suppose not so petty since he is stealing from a construction site. I think thats probably worth a year or 2 at least.

Then he sells the stuff and asks for a job. Obviously, we later find out he is a psychopath, but why would he think the guy would say yes. Except for some job with a crime boss or something I can’t think of any place that you take stolen stuff to and they’d hire you. Although, maybe his thought process was the guy was shady enough to actually buy the stuff knowing its stolen.

On his way home he encounters a freelance film crew taping footage of the car accident and well this sets him on his new path for income. Part of me is impressed with the growing of his business. By the end of it all he has 3 employees and 2 vans. I would have rathered the supped up car personally to drive around in but to each his own. However, then there is the part of me that says if these things he does are what it takes to make your business grow than I suppose we will never make it big. By things he does I am not talking so much about the murder. I don’t think its labeled murder assisted murder? I don’t what is the term for this. I suppose it would be murder for the freelance guys, since he tampered with the brakes. As for his first unfortunate employee, whats that term?

Favorite Scene: The reveal of the supped up car.

Least Favorite Scene: When Lou gives Nina the ultimatum. She must give him relations or he goes elsewhere.

Most telling scene: When he emerges from under the other freelancers van.

Some movies are hard for me to judge because of the characters. I rather hated Lou.

Matthew asked me what I thought of the movie once it was over, and I said I don’t know.

Its hard to love a movie when the main characters are so hateable.

I think I would have to give it a 4/5

Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing. I have loved his acting since I first saw him in October Sky.

There are few actors who can pull off both a good guy and a bad guy. I may make a list sometime of my favorites. Point being Gyllenhaal is one of those people. When you see his psycopathic ways in this movie you will forget the ,forgive me for using this word, adorkable character Bubble Boy.


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