Posted: January 21, 2015 in Movies
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I warn you now, there will be spoilers. In fact I will be discussing the whole plot. Go watch it and then come tell me what you thought.

If you have continued on I am assuming you have either seen it or a gluten for punishment.

Based on the imdb rating of 7.5 I am under the assumption that I am one of the few odd “men” out. We watched this last night and I am still unsure of what I would rate this. No I suppose I would give it a 4. Time travel movies are far from unique. Which, is actually what I said to Matthew after watching the trailer. Initially, the trailer caught my attention. The, what would you do if I put the person who ruined your life in front of you. I told Matt that for me I suppose it depends on how they ruined/destroyed my life. If they were to take him/our kids/ my mom etc then I would definitely want to kill them. Would I? I don’t know. I think that is one of those you can’t truthfully say what you would do until you are put in that situation.

As time travel movies go it took a different direction, than any I have seen(do you have any suggestions). Most movies fall under the idea that if you encounter yourself in the past that its bad. Well, not here. This movie kicked that idea out of the car and drove off.Β  You start with a baby, baby grows to woman, woman sleeps with man who is herself, they literally procreate themself….themselves(?), and then man has terrible accident and it changes how he looks, and then he steals himself as a baby takes himself to the past and then later goes and kills himself, sort of.

So from there I wonder could YOU fall in love with your past self? I don’t think I could. I suppose on one hand it wouldn’t be much different than, “self help”, but idk. Lets move on from this part.

Btw, why did she not sue the damn doctor? He gave her a hysterectomy, sure ok. Then started surgery on her, as Matt’s family calls it pollywog. I would have sued him or the damn hospital for all they had. At least consult me first. Maybe we missed something.

Matthew and I were discussing this before bed, about the loop he/she/they were in. I am not in Matthew’s head so I will try my best to relay his point of view. He knocked on our bed and said if I were to go back to the past I could not change it, because it had happened already. However, I could go back to hear him knock on the bed. Only the future can be changed.

My initial argument was that all she had to do was sue the doctor during one point in the loop and it would break the loop. So, insert his you can’t change the past. However, at that moment in time its not the past its the present, thusly she could change the future. Or hell if he decided that having sex with his past self was too weird, thusly changing the future.

I went on wiki after he fell asleep, and they referred to it as a paradox. A few different names for it. Such as could John Doe have taken the baby back into the past but instead of leaving it on the door step of the orphanage I would have said killed but lets not do that on this site. So lets say he put it on Rick Grimes doorstep. Then therefore he wouldn’t be there to put himself on that doorstep.

Ok, well now that we have bent our minds I hope you have a great day.

P.s If you can explain it to my understanding that’d be great.

Also, this is why Rick Grimes


he is on my desk.


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