The Number 23

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Movies
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Well, I suppose it is time to get back into the swing of things. According to my mother it was a month ago today that my grandfather passed away. It is kind of crazy. I thought I had come to terms with it, but then a few days ago I had a dream with him in it, and the sadness just came rushing back. Naturally I texted my mom, and we start talking about it she tells me that she believes its Grandpa’s way of letting me know he is watching over me or all of us.


The number 23 is a movie, starring Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey seemingly plays your every dad father/husband/animal control worker. Until his 32 birthday. He ends up being late to meet his wife for his birthday celebration. While waiting she perused a little book stores outside tables, when she turned around and her eye was caught by a bright red book on a shelf in the back of the store.Β  I find it funny that she paid money to buy him his own book for his birthday. Well, as you know he becomes obsessed with the number 23. Matthew at this point would say, the movie isn’t about the number 23. Mainly because while watching it, I started rambling on about the number 23, and how my birthday doesn’t seem to equal 23 like his(Walter) could. If I grabbed paper I might be able to get it there. We both calculated our birthdays and I think the closest we got was 20 something. Anyways, thats what he said to me. So this is a guy who has become obessed with the “23 Enigma“.

The 23 Enigma being, the belief that everything that happens is connected to the number 23. Linked to the belief that all things happen or are connected to 5. Such as 2+3=5. All within the minds ability to find a pattern when there isn’t a pattern. Just as Jim Carry’s charcter, Walter found patterns in things all around him. Finding 23 in the color of the paint on their walls, his birthday, hence the above statement, and I believe their address.

While reading 23 Enigma on wikipedia it talks about a guy named Simon Newcomb who wrote an article that was initially accepted by the scientific community, and he happened to get his article published. Oddly enough the day before the Wright Brothers took flight.

So while searching for the above videos on youtube I happened to find peoples own videos of the 23 enigma

*****sensitive footage*****

After watching it I decided to give my birthday another shot. Conclusion if 23 means death or bad than all people born in 1985 are screwed.


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